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    December Tags

    I 've been lucky to hunt five December hunts and only apply for Dec hunts now.The weather has always been nice and I have never seen another hunter.When I don't draw a tag I help friends on their hunt or my son with his.I'ts like my hunt still without me taking the shot.I really enjoy seeing these guys get their first deer.This is my sons first deer hunt this year.Can't wait.
  2. jeffd

    Unit 27 Coues

    Scott,havn't heard from you.I would sure like to help out on some areas in 27.928-533-5617
  3. I spent all day Sunday resting.After hiking Saturday morning. Then meeting some of the members at the CWT gathering and hiking again Saturday evening I was tired.
  4. jeffd

    Gila Monster

    We found this Gila Monster crossing the road near Fossil Creek area of 6A. Its the first one seen by our family. MOV02992.MPG
  5. jeffd

    Roy's first Elk Shed

    Roy found his first elk shed along with other sheds and a nice mule deer head on a 6A scouting trip this past weekend.
  6. jeffd

    Unit 27 Coues

    thanks tj,scouting in the morning Roy.
  7. jeffd

    Unit 27 Coues

    Scott,I can help you out with that.PM sent.
  8. jeffd

    Leftover Memorial Day Fish

    what a day tj,hope you saved some for the rest of us.
  9. Congrats to all of you.
  10. I was drawn on my first try for cow elk and the next year for bull elk in 6A.Was also drawn for December whitetail in unit 32 on first and second trys.This year I put in with a first time applicant for September archery elk and drew the tags splitting my loyalty and hunter points as he had 0 points.Still waiting for antelope with 17 points.
  11. left,right,center 1001
  12. jeffd

    draw results

    I drew a bull elk tag last year in a unit that I didn't apply for and burned 9 bonus points but never complained.I got paid back this year with a Sept archery tag with 1 point.
  13. jeffd

    They are up!!

    No antelope tag with 16 bonus points but drew an early archery bull elk tag with 1 point.Still trying to get thru to check on my sons jr elk draw.
  14. jeffd

    Baby boy names

    We named our son Roy Henry(Hank) after his great grandfather and Hank from a fishing friend who passed away.
  15. jeffd

    My 08 lion

    tj,I'll take it if you need freezer room.
  16. jeffd

    Top off a good year

    It will be hard to top a lion,buck and a book antelope in the same year.Good job on all of your hunts.
  17. jeffd

    Two of Three

    Here's some photos of two of the three coyotes we took this morning. After shooting these two coyotes and giving high-fives with my son Roy, a third coyote showed up and we were able to shoot it also. But no photos of the third.
  18. jeffd

    Two of Three

    We're at 12 but I would trade them all for one of those big cats like you took this year.
  19. jeffd


    tj,it's so great to see you got one of those two big bucks you;ve been watching.With that lion gone the 6x is safe until January.
  20. jeffd

    September in Wyoming I

    Here's some photos from my Wyoming antelope hunt in September 2008. My son, Roy, caught this rainbow trout and took the wildlife photos.[attachme nt=10261:img046.jpg]
  21. jeffd

    September in Wyoming

    Here's some photos from my Wyoming antelope hunt in September 2008. My son, Roy, caught this rainbow trout and took the wildlife photos.
  22. I also made a mistake and was drawn for the late rifle 22 south hunt this year.I made a trip over there today and found a few starting areas but not much to glass.
  23. jeffd

    roys first shed

    My son Roy found his first whitetail shed in 6A while looking for elk sheds.