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  1. jeffd

    roys first shed

    Roy recently passed his hunters safety course and wants to try for this buck.
  2. jeffd

    New hunting buddy

    Amanda,if I knew how to post a picture I would.Maybe Roy will show me how.He did post a picture of his first whiyetail shed a few weeks back.
  3. jeffd

    New hunting buddy

    My 11 year old son Roy completed his hunters safety course yesterday.Looks like I have a new hunting buddy starting with the 09 spring hunts.
  4. jeffd

    roys first shed

    It was nice to meet you to.Good luck on your hunts.
  5. jeffd

    roys first shed

    It's last years drop.We looked all around for the other side but no luck.
  6. jeffd

    First hunt(s)

    I grew up in Brea,Ca and started hunting big game at 12 years old. Taking bear,deer,pigs and antelope.I took my 1st coues deer from unit 32.As a non-resident I took 2 more from 32 and 3 more since moving here in 05. My son enjoys coming along and starts his hunters safety course next week.
  7. jeffd

    Wyoming Draw Results

    I was drawn for unit 98 antelope along with 2 doe tags.
  8. jeffd

    CWT.com Archery Hog hunt?

    I've hunted Tejon for many years and there is nothing better in California.If you go in Jan. or Feb. you should also be able to take varmints.You will see bobcats every day.
  9. jeffd

    Survey Cards

    Game & Fish should give a bonus point to all hunters who send them in with out announcing it.Then see how many come in the next year.
  10. jeffd

    Which is a better

    I've hunted unit 27 and could not believe there is anywhere better.
  11. jeffd

    Hunt units

    I've hunted DER-1-169 unit 27 and had a great hunt for whitetails.
  12. jeffd

    brown whitey sheds

    I took the kids out to 6A looking for elk sheds last sunday and found the left side of a nice whitetail.It's a three point with good mass and eye guard.Scores at 43.
  13. jeffd

    Results are out

    Thanks RedRabbit.I thought I only applied for unit 23 dec.
  14. jeffd

    Results are out

    No antelope tag with 14 points but drew a elk tag for #3028.Can someone tell me what hunt this is.I can't find my regs.
  15. jeffd

    Busted one today!

    Easter bunny?
  16. If it had Rock 'n' Earth landscaping decal on the door it was me.I live here in Granville off Glassford Hill .
  17. jeffd

    Super Sunday Yote!

    Nice dog,I was gonna take my son out varmint hunting today but stayed home because of the high winds.Looks like we should have given it a try.
  18. jeffd

    Couse Whitetail in South America?

    That is a good list of deer you came up with.Tony. My father in-law lives in Jalisco, Mexico and has given me a few racks he has picked up.They are all forkies but have good mass and very small inside spreads.I've wondered what kind of whitetails they are.Looking at your list I think they are the Sinaloa deer.
  19. jeffd

    Bonus points question

    You both also add another chance to draw a tag with your 2008 application.
  20. jeffd

    Absolute Giant!!

    The buck in this photo scored 205 B&C.You can see the photos and hunter info on the Boone and Crockett club site under the trophy watch section.
  21. I have been drawn twice back to back for the December hunt in unit 32.The last time was 05&06.But I took my best buck on the 2007 November hunt.
  22. jeffd

    Where are we all from?

    I drove from Brea,Ca to hunt unit 27 in N.M. one time and to unit 32 in Az. five times.For the past three years I've driven from Prescott to hunt unit 32.
  23. This accident happened in the Eastern Sierras of California in 1983.My brother has dealt with his injury very well.He still continues to hunt with a hadicap permit from his van and has taken mule deer and antelope in California.
  24. A co-worker of my dads claimed his jeep was broke down and begged my dad to bring him along on our hunt.I did'nt care for the guy but wasn't going to let him ruin my hunt.This guy ended up shooting my 19 year old brother who is now a paraplegic.My 10 year old son now hunts with me and I wouldn't let any of these guys your talking about hunt with us.Choose your hunting partners carefully.