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    Penguin Slugger

    320.5 & 321
  2. Just got my skull mount back from my november unit 32 buck
  3. jeffd

    coues scent??

    On last years December hunt I put some doe in heat on a sponge.The next morning there were two does standing right on top of it.On the third day I sat on it and took a 4x5 buck as he worked his way up the ridge to me.
  4. I took this buck yesterday morning. After three days of not seeing many deer where I normally see a lot of deer I stuck it out because of past sucess in this area. I found this buck bedded with another 3X3 by 7:30 a.m. I had my 10 yr old son along. He enjoyed the hunt and camping out.
  5. jeffd

    Any landscapers here?

    Schmitty,what is the name of your company.I'm with Rock'N'Earth in Prescott Valley.
  6. jeffd


    Called in three together after work last wednesday.Shot one at 20 yards after he sat down and started barking at me.
  7. jeffd

    Unit 27 in NM

    send me your phone # I can give you some great areas to hunt and camp.
  8. jeffd

    Glassing and scouting

    On my first trip to the area I hunt I only saw one doe but returned knowing there had to be more.That was 10 years ago.I've since taken five good bucks from the same small canyon and yet to see another hunter.The area is so ugly other hunters just drive by.The only time I walk into the bottom of the canyon is to pack out a deer as to not disturb anything.
  9. jeffd

    Unit 27 in NM

    Idaho B&T,I'll trade you info on New Mexico's unit 27.I took a nice 4x4 and helped a friend to his best coues deer both from unit 27.Our photos are on the New Mexico photo gallery page 2.Jeffd and Dudley Britt.We saw alot of bucks each day.Let me know if I can help you out on your hunt.
  10. jeffd


    TJ,thanks for the tip.Roys been on many big game hunts when I've been the hunter.Now thats he's holding the rifle he had a blast and let me know it.Now is a good time to start that journal.
  11. jeffd


    I took my 10 year old son Roy out and after shooting some jack rabbits with his new .223 we had time to make one stand for coyotes.We didn't even finish the first series of calling and had three coyotes just about run us over.They only gave us running shots and we failed to connect.When we left the area we had a coyote pup about the size of a chihuahua stand in front of the truck.We had to get out to chase him off the road.My son had a great time seeing mule deer,antelope,coyotes and shooting his first jack rabbits.
  12. jeffd

    Roy's First Coues Hunt

    GTT,good luck to your son on his hunt.
  13. I found this buck on the December 05 hunt, but he was too far to get on that evening. I couldn't find him again and ended up taking a forkie. I found him again on the 3rd day of the December 06 hunt and took him from 250 yds.
  14. jeffd

    Unit 32 (Second Chance)

    Az Griz,just checking how you did on the draw.I somehow got the Oct hunt, I thought my second choice was for November.My mistake.
  15. jeffd

    Trophy Room (garage) :P

    These are some of the animals I've taken from many western states. Including many SoCal mule deer.
  16. jeffd

    Unit 32 (Second Chance)

    Az Griz,if you draw this tag and need a extra set of eyes let me know .I have the week between x-mas and new years off every year.I hope to draw this tag again. If not nov unit 32 is my second choice.
  17. jeffd

    Unit 32 (Second Chance)

    Az Griz,have you hunted this unit before?
  18. jeffd

    Unit 32 (Second Chance)

    I know it sounds like foulplay but I drew back to back tags as a non-resident before for the unit 32 december hunt. 06 was my first time as a resident.I'm still waiting for elk(9years)and antelope(12years)I've just been lucky on the deer draw.
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    I got my sticker in time for last year's hunt.
  20. jeffd


    Not a shed but a small buck. This muley is a 3x3 with a four inch spread.
  21. jeffd


    New Mexico unit 27 spike and Jalisco, Mexico forkies.
  22. jeffd

    Roy's First Coues Hunt

    Roy has helped me with many hunts, this being his first for coues deer
  23. jeffd

    Roy's First Coues Hunt

    Roy has helped me with many hunts, this being his first for coues deer
  24. Unless things have changed I think the 10% nonresident deer tag limit is only for units north of the colorado river.