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  1. So here's a rant for you hunters, I had 7 points for turkey this year and decided to put in with a friend for a hunt with 4 tags and in my back yard. This unit started turkey hunts last year and this going to be the second year. Last year there were ten tags between two hunts and this year there is 8 total tags between two hunts. Long story short we drew two tags and a buddy drew two tags and come to find out his one tag says permit number 7..... Hhhmmmmm what's up with that, made a phone call and had a guy get back with me later today on how they didn't know the system put out 9 tags for the first hunt, my hunt. So now we went from 4 tags to 9 in the first hunt. How's that for wildlife management, a computer system that doesn't get checked issuing tags and essentially managing the unit. Double plus one for tags on the first hunt... What other hunts do tags gets allocated for on accident??? Freakin stupid that it's this bad and no one knew about it till I called. 7 bonus points I wish I could get back. I didn't wait that long but long enough I wanted a quality hunt... Should be interesting now

    So if you were not put in for this hunt because of a DGF error and they gave you a tag you wouldnt take it?