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  1. rdlctyler

    Beef yearlings for sale

    Edited to provide more information after some questions. Thanks, tyler
  2. rdlctyler

    Beef yearlings for sale

    I am not sure that I understand the question. There are about 50 head. The weights will very from about 600 on up. On the lighter stuff that would still need feeding we would just weigh them and do market price on the weight based upon the most recent report from Marana Stockyards.
  3. rdlctyler

    Beef yearlings for sale

    We have a number of steers and heifers for sale in Globe AZ. Price is dependent upon weight. Large steers ready to harvest would be about $1400. Something smaller that you would feed for a time are less. Heifers are cheaper as well. These are straight off the ranch. 500# steer $800 600# steer $900 700# steer $1000 800# steer $1100 Heifers of the same weight would be $50 less than steers. Thanks for looking. Tyler
  4. rdlctyler

    Reloading supplies

    Mainly bullets for sale. There are a lot of brands and weights. Calibers include .30, .284, .270, .257, .22. Some boxes are full and unopened and some are partial. Also some pyrodex powders. $100 for everything. Globe AZ
  5. rdlctyler

    FS: Winchester .243 Win

    Sent message.