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  1. 3 Bears

    Ruger American 6.5

    Interested, where are you located? Tafoya, that's my cousin's last name. Call me 719-628-9084
  2. 3 Bears


    Interested in 7 mm Ruger, can you call me 719-628-9084. Thank you
  3. 3 Bears

    Swaro 15x56 SLC non HD

    I'll take them. What town are you located? Call or text me 719-628-9084
  4. 3 Bears

    Vortex Razor HD compact spotter

    I'll take, if you still have it. Call or text me. 719-628-9084
  5. 3 Bears

    WTB RL26

    What city do you live in, and send your number and I will keep you posted.
  6. 3 Bears

    WTB RL26

    Your in luck, in have an unopened 8lb, but I'm in Albuquerque. $350
  7. 3 Bears

    Swarovski 15x56 NIB

    What town in NM? I live in Bernalillo.
  8. 3 Bears

    Yamaha SXS Wheel and Tire Gone

    Interested, where do you live? Call or text 719-628-9084
  9. 3 Bears


    I'll take the 204 bullets. Call or text me at 719-628-9084. Thanks
  10. 3 Bears

    Under Armour Hunting Pants and Shirt

    I'll take them. Call or text me at 719-628-9084. Thanks
  11. 3 Bears


    Interested, pls call or text me. 719-628-9084
  12. Interested in 6.5 Creedmore brass but want to know how many times fired?
  13. 3 Bears

    Tires 265/70/17 Pathfinder AT's

    Interested, call or text me at 719-628-9084
  14. 3 Bears


    Interested, call or text me. 719-628-9084
  15. 3 Bears


    I'll take 20 cal v-max in 40 and 32 gr. Call or text me 719-628-9084