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  1. Hrsbkhntr

    Swarovski 15x56 non HD

  2. Hrsbkhntr

    Swarovski 15x56 non HD

    Selling 15x56 Swarovski non HD Perfect glass, eye cups and covers $1200 cash only no trades THX (928)451-2271 will meet
  3. Hrsbkhntr


    Nice catch. How do you feel about the new guidelines and current closures?
  4. Hrsbkhntr

    Vortex Razor 20-60x85

    Price drop to $800
  5. Hrsbkhntr

    Vortex Razor 20-60x85

  6. Hrsbkhntr

    Vortex Razor 20-60x85

    Less than 1 yr old...perfect glass, case and box..will trade for rifle or $1k will be in Phx today 928)451-2271
  7. Hrsbkhntr

    Trade or sell Browning 300 win mag X bolt stainless

    If sale falls through I will trade Vortex Razor 20-80 spotter less than 1 yr old with box etc... thx
  8. Hrsbkhntr


    I’ll take it
  9. Hrsbkhntr

    Spotting scope, powder and bullets for sale.

    Hi, could you please post a pic of scope? Where are you located? I would like to purchase and pick up tomorrow. Im in Seligman area.. thx
  10. Just curious who else has this tag. I have scouted a ton and found last years sign, never glassed up any elk while scouting. I have a couple areas ill hunt. This will be my future wifes first elk hunt. I say future because im going to propose to her on this hunt. We did alot of shed hunting in 18a this summer. I plan on placing a elk shed with “will you marry me” written on it and the ring on a tine!!! So on opening morning we will set up before light to glass and let her spot it, ill get her to hike over to get it!!! We will be camped in white f-250 and 2 horses and trailer, stop by and exchange info and have a cold one!!!
  11. Hrsbkhntr

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    18a has been dead quiet...lots of sign, wallows, rubs ect....
  12. Hrsbkhntr

    Swaro ATS 80 20-60x80 *Price Drop*

    If deal falls thru ill take it... thx
  13. Hrsbkhntr

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    Agreed brian, just trying to make a positive out of the situation.
  14. Hrsbkhntr

    6.5 Creedmoor or 7mm mag

    7mag for sure, bears are always moving, quartering ect...hitem hard
  15. Hrsbkhntr

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    Dave, i get what your saying about selling pre detailed maps..it sucks but oh well..Remember what it was like to discover and hunt your spots before it was published. Now you have a new goal, where did the game go? Sometimes its not about the kill but about the discovery and experiences that make a hunt. Regards