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  1. sc85540

    Dove Tacos

    a little lime too would be good
  2. Thanks Guy for the info looking for a place to go if anyone has a better place
  3. Has anyone been to Arizona pheasant and chukar hunting in Arizona city and if so was wondering how good it was
  4. sc85540

    2018 Dove

    kind of makes me wander if there talking about Yuma area being lower numbers iv been seeing a lot of doves as well over on the far east side of the state
  5. I have found a few good coveys just doesn't seem as many as last year hopefully the rain will continue
  6. sc85540

    Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Spotting Scope

    where are you located at
  7. sc85540

    Recurve bows

    would like to see pictures
  8. So what are you guys thinking on the quail populations this year. I'm hoping the mearns will be good due to getting some pretty good summer monsoons but the gamble's population seems lower. I have seen a few good coveys but not as many as last year what are your thoughts
  9. sc85540

    First Mearns Hunt

    My Brittany is my first bird dog so any help or info would be greatly appreciated and if anyone would like to get together sometime I'm from greenlee county area and would love to get out with fellow bird dog guys n watch the dog work and I can learn as well as my pup what we can
  10. sc85540

    Coyote and big bobcat

    A really nice cat shes the biggest female iv seen. what type of cages u running if you don't mind me asking
  11. sc85540

    Shock collar

    anyone have any experience with the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar combo collars been looking into them for my Brittany
  12. sc85540


    Good luck to you let us know how it goes
  13. sc85540

    First Mearns Hunt

    I know this is a old post but great topics and pic. We are taking my new Brittany pup out this year for Mearns will be our first time hunting them will post pics hopefully this winter