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  1. ASU1974

    Still at it in unit 8

    Yes all night then quiet at about 8am
  2. ASU1974

    Still at it in unit 8

    Just started to rain in unit 8
  3. ASU1974

    Still at it in unit 8

    I have been after the same bull for the last few days he is in the same meadow every morning but I can not get close enough he has about 6 cows with him. I have seen a lot of deer antelope and a bear Three more days to go to find a bull
  4. ASU1974

    Monday morning success

    Felicidades. I hope I can fine one in 8
  5. ASU1974

    Unit 8 Bull

    I’m tying to add a video. Not sure what I’m doing wrong Thank you
  6. ASU1974

    Unit 8 Bull

    I hope I can find him in two weeks! Good luck and safe hunts for all this year.