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  1. airchartdan

    Last Minute Elk Hunt in Camp Navajo

    Should I attempt to call? I've never hunted elk, and I don't know the area or rut activity. I'm basically going in blind.
  2. airchartdan

    Last Minute Elk Hunt in Camp Navajo

    I'm going to zero again tomorrow. I'm looking at what's available - most likely 150gr Remington Core Lokt. There's not a lot available where I am, but I'm willing to travel a bit to get better ammo if I have to. I'm going to head up there as soon as I can to scout, but I may not be able to make it up there until opening day.
  3. airchartdan

    Last Minute Elk Hunt in Camp Navajo

    I got a call today telling me a guy surrendered his tag, and my name was next on the list. I have 2 bonus points, and I never thought I'd get drawn (especially after having been told I wasn't). I put all of my efforts into getting prepped for the deer tag I drew for 35A, and I dismissed any thoughts of going elk hunting this year. Now I have to get ready to hunt in 6B (Camp Navajo) with relatively no prep, and my hunt starts this Friday, 4 Oct. My only real experience big game hunting was last year on Fort Huachuca, when I hit a Coues at 400 yds with a .270 win, and I'm thinking about using the same rifle again with a heavier round. Any thoughts, tips, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.