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  1. scab74

    Unit 9 help!!!

    Hunt starts on the 28th.
  2. scab74

    Unit 9 help!!!

    I have been reading blogs and looking at CW for a long time but finally became an official member recently is more like it.. Thanks for your reply WildWoody. Lucky for me my Oldman is still pretty agile on his feet and can walk for good distances. I think we have good chances of running into bulls. We hunted 4A a few years back during the rut and got into several herd bulls. But back then, I did quite a bit of scouting.
  3. scab74

    Unit 9 help!!!

    Hey Guys, First time posting but have been A CW member for a long time. I hoping somebody can give me a head start. My 70 YOA Father was drawn for the Bull Elk early rifle hunt in Unit 9. Was supposed to go Scouting this week but was surprise by my bosses with a last minute business voluntold trip. So I will not be able to go scout until two days before the rifle hunt starts(will be careful not to get in the way of any bow hunters out their). Have never hunted 9 before so I was hoping to get some info of camping spots for my trailer and maybe a good place to start. I have been doing a lot of reading, map studiying and looking at google earth for water sources and good cover. Any help is appreciated. Thanks