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  1. Emckee

    Mossberg Patriot .243

    That’s funny s**t but in all honest bump to the seller, good guy and a good deal
  2. Emckee

    Mossberg Patriot .243

    Oz31p That’s a terrarium not a bush.
  3. Emckee

    Exo and Kifaru

    Thumbs up to the sell. Nice and easy deal.
  4. Emckee

    Exo and Kifaru

    Pm sent on frame
  5. Emckee

    Savage model 10 223 for sale

    Location ?
  6. Emckee

    Chevy 1500

    67th ave and 101
  7. Emckee

    Chevy 1500

    Price drop. 9500 obo
  8. Emckee


  9. Emckee

    WTB reliable vehicle under $3k for my Mom

    I know it’s double the price but if she wants a nice car my grandmother just stopped driving at 94😬 she has a 2011 hundai sanata that is in great condition and I believe it only has 23000 miles on it. But I think my dad was looking to get 6500 for it. Just some food for thought. If I see anything around your price range tho I will send it your way
  10. Emckee

    Artic cat prowler

    He is defiantly not. And just to clarify so there is not any confusion. When I said an “old timer in Congress” I meant an old timer who lives in the town of congress by wickenburg
  11. Emckee

    Off road camp trailer

  12. Emckee

    2017 jay feather trailer

  13. Emckee

    Chevy 1500

    Still for sale if interested
  14. Emckee

    Artic cat prowler

  15. Emckee

    Artic cat prowler

    Selling this for an old timer in Congress who has been a life long friend. It’s an artic cat prowler. Low hours and miles. He used it to drive to the post office and back in town and so on. When he bought it it smoked bad. I pulled the head and jug. Replaced the rings and pistons. Also replaced valve seals and other gaskets ect. Replaced the belt and clucthes. ( I’m a heavy equipment mechanic by trade btw) it’s a good machine. Could use a little tlc but runs good and is reliable. He needs to sell. He has an old cj7 Jeep he wants to fix up to drive. He’s asking 5k or best offer and I will deliver for him in state.