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  1. Donovan

    Swarovski BTX

    Tried to send pm. Says you can’t receive messages. Pm when you can
  2. Donovan


    Pm sent for vest
  3. Donovan

    Swarovski BTX

    Curious as to what made you not like them. I’m thinking about getting them and would really like to hear your input. TIA
  4. Donovan

    KUIU pack

    Are you interested in selling the bags separately. If so I’m interested.
  5. Donovan

    Badlands Bino harness SOLD

  6. Donovan

    Badlands Bino harness SOLD

  7. Donovan

    Badlands Bino harness SOLD

    One left. $75 thanks Azdesertrat
  8. Donovan

    Badlands Bino harness SOLD

    2 badlands Bino harness. Bino X. It will hold the 15’s comfortably. They are in excellent condition. I’m willing to trade for a tripod or heavy duty rifle case. In the Tucson area. Asking $150 for the pair. SOLD
  9. Donovan

    Jim White head

    Are you located in Tucson? If so I may be interested do you have pics?
  10. Donovan

    Transfer pump

    Thanks jdown. That’s exactly what I need. If your happy with yours can you give me the model name? Just so many different brands out there I don’t want to buy one that’s junk. Thanks again
  11. Donovan

    Transfer pump

    I’m in search of a quality transfer pump to refill trailer from 50 gallon drum when camping. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations
  12. Donovan


    I’m interested. Pm sent
  13. Donovan

    Upholsterer needed

    Check the shops on south 6th ave.