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  1. jironworks

    Fire pit glass where to buy

    That cheaper stuff holds moisture, so with that being said it can and will explode when gets hot, better off spending more on the right stuff and loosing an eye over 100.00, I would buy American fireglass, that is what I use on all our fire pits, 75.00 for 10 pounds, our barrels take 35 pounds just to give you an idea
  2. jironworks

    WTB Polaris Ranger Crew Northstar Edition

    Call Bob at 4 seasons Motorsports in Rye, won't find a better deal or a better person to deal with, bought tractor,dump trailer, and 2 rangers from them in past 1.5 years
  3. jironworks

    2007 Yamaha Rhino only 253 Actual Miles

    Maybe I'm missing something, 183 hours and only 253 miles? I never finished school so I very well could be wrong, isn't that about 50 minutes to drive 1 mile?
  4. jironworks

    2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon - She gone

    Post it in California, I sold mine the first day, guy begged me to hold it for him, he showed up 7 hours later, just trying to help out
  5. jironworks

    Vortex spotting scope. 325.00

    Where are you located
  6. jironworks

    New business

    And now it doesn't surprise anybody that azsmall2 aka azbig10 was the first to respond with his childhood idol, azbig10 when you get that douchebag page up let us all know would you,
  7. jironworks

    New business

    I think I have missed something here on this classified add page, I thought this was entirely for us as grown adults men and women, to sell all types of hunting items, whether it be guns, ammo, trailers,and everything outdoors, quads , sand rails, even clothing, I have posted some things on here thinking some of the outdoors people like me, may be able to use something I no longer use, like a tube Bender for building roll cages for you Jeep or ranger or what ever, and sold it to a member, also sold a few wine barrel fire pits at a steep discount to a couple members, to me I think this whole classified add has gotten way derailed by some off these guys that never buy or sell anything on here, all they do is sit back and see who misspelled something and what is and isn't aloud on here and cry about the some of the dumbest stuff, they just need to create a douchebag page for those guys to put all their 2 cents in and make all their stupid comments, with all that being said does anyone know of any decent places to maybe find good deals on firearms since Backpage is no longer, and this place has gone haywire, and to think I share the mountains with some of these douchebags , kinda reminds me when I first started riding a Harley, the ole saying was " I would rather see a brother on a Honda then an asshole on a Harley" seems to be alot of assholes here,
  8. jironworks

    WTB 25-06

    Let's see a couple pictures and an asking price, may be interested
  9. jironworks

    New business

    Azbig10 give the guy a break, they are a small business trying to make something of themselves, as far as a site sponsor maybe that is something they could possibly look at in the future, and in my opinion it wouldn't bother me a bit if they were not hunters, at least they had hunters in mind, heck they could focus on the skateboarding industry and they didn't, so you probably shouldn't let it bother you, maybe try and support people instead of trying to beat them up instead of trying get under their skin, sounds kinda like you were bullied in school all your life and know you use the internet to try and get back at people and try to be an internet bully, just step up and try and be positive and support these guys, hunters or not, again good luck babootin
  10. jironworks

    New business

    Constructive criticism should be taken into consideration but remember you are a small business starting out and remember you can't please everyone so don't get in over your head trying to please everyone with the hat situation, me personally would love to see the crosshair shirt printed on back with small logo on front or on sleeve, just an idea, besides all that I will be the first one here to step in and say I will buy a shirt and a hat to help support a small business hopefully become very successful, I was once there and know what it was like to start out, the scariest days of my life, wishing you all the best
  11. jironworks

    New business

    Not busting balls, before you start a business you must know what your target is, and you may tweak it a little but you better figure it out soon or you will fail, please don't! I like what you have but you need to get the cost of your hats way way down and don't go with no cheap hat either, anything you put your name on is an example of your business, the hat is going to be your number 1 piece of advertising, price hats very little above cost sell the crap out of them to get the name out there, just my 2 cents, good luck on your adventures
  12. jironworks

    ISO cattle guards

    I am in need of 8 cattle guards , I'm not looking for hand outs or free, willing to pay just figured I would throw it on here to see if anyone had a good connection for them , any help is appreciated, thank you in advance
  13. jironworks

    Glock 26 Gen 4

    I will start Best offer so far 300.00
  14. jironworks

    Wtb Gooseneck hitch

    Lapazflats is a good dude, I have the same Spyder hitch, works awesome and I paid like 250.00 and he is willing to give his to another person for free, that's hands down a good guy, If you ever need anything welded " lapazflats " reach out to me and I will take care of you for free, just my way to pay it forward to you
  15. jironworks

    Savage Bvvs 17 hmr

    If falls through let me know, I will take it