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  1. jironworks

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Still available? Take 150.00 ?
  2. jironworks

    Mathews vertix

    Sorry I had gotten a new phone, and could not log in, I will check today and see if he still has it
  3. jironworks

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    Sorry for late response, got a new phone and for some reason could not log in until now, as far as price I'm really not sure , make me an offer and don't be foolish with it and we will see if it works for both of us
  4. jironworks

    Mathews vertix

    Have a buddy with a brand new bare bow, Mathews vertix 70 lb and 28 draw , right hand , he is looking for best offer ,
  5. jironworks


    Looking to buy a Badlands 2200 pack, i have seen them on Amazon for 234.00 , just had back surgery and have a couple of buddies helping with my daughter's bull hunt, just wanting to help them help me, so if you have one and looking at upgrading let me know I would be interested, thanks in advanced
  6. jironworks

    Unit 27 packing help?

    There should be plenty of people in this group that would be willing to help out , I would but just had back surgery and can't even tie my own shoes at this time
  7. jironworks

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    I have a 29" 70 lb heli, it is not a bare bow though, 7 pin black gold sight, rip cord drop away , g5 quiver , new strings last year, what are you looking at spending? Currently my back up bow but maybe will to part with it
  8. jironworks

    Kuiu Pro Pant 34 Verde

    Where you located?
  9. jironworks

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

  10. jironworks

    Nightforce ATACR, GUNS FS *PRICE DROP*

    Kinda interested in the Remington 700
  11. jironworks


    Fourth if I can gain 4" in the waist Bump
  12. jironworks

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Yes hd
  13. jironworks

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, sorry for the confusion jknister
  14. jironworks

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    Price drop, 750.00 don't be ashamed of buying vortex equipment, good product at good prices and the absolute best warranty out there, may trade for ?
  15. jironworks

    Lots of items ADDED items

    I would be interested in the 2200 pack, where are you located