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  1. jironworks

    Glock 26 Gen 4

    I will start Best offer so far 300.00
  2. jironworks

    Wtb Gooseneck hitch

    Lapazflats is a good dude, I have the same Spyder hitch, works awesome and I paid like 250.00 and he is willing to give his to another person for free, that's hands down a good guy, If you ever need anything welded " lapazflats " reach out to me and I will take care of you for free, just my way to pay it forward to you
  3. jironworks

    Savage Bvvs 17 hmr

    If falls through let me know, I will take it
  4. jironworks

    Wine barrel fire pits

    I'm sure we could arrange that, I have a buddy that gets down there every now and then, I will call you later today or tomorrow
  5. jironworks

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    I have one you can Barrow, had same problem Last month, had to build something late at night, works great,
  6. jironworks

    Cabela’s Gun Safe

    I will start the bidding at 250
  7. jironworks

    Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Stainless .223

    My son bought his 30-30, says "azoutdoors" all his Guns for sale are in excellent condition, and he is a good dude to deal with Friendly bump for good dude
  8. jironworks

    Wine barrel fire pits

    Brown 1 is the last one available this week, more to come in couple weeks 900.00 firm will trade Located in surprise
  9. jironworks

    Rope Saddle

    Price and pics?
  10. jironworks

    94 Winchester 30-30 Lever Action

    My boy is gonna enjoy it, thanks
  11. jironworks

    FS - Theron Saker Spotter 15x45-60 - $150 (SOLD)

    For sale or sold? Or we just showing off the nice deer on the wall, either way I sure like your wall of deer, "jealous"
  12. jironworks

    Wine barrel fire pits

    Luckyone-The one left is grey, but can have another brown 1 built next week if that is the one you like
  13. jironworks


    What part of town are you in
  14. jironworks

    Rem 700 Semi Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    I'm going to start the bump for the scope since the last bump I did on the rifle it had SOLD, so here is the friendly bump for a good dude
  15. jironworks

    Wine barrel fire pits

    1 left any takers? 900.00 firm