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  1. Nikki.AWHounds

    Fun in the woods

    Been out walking the dogs every chance I get. This has been the best year for finding horns for me. Found my first confirmed lion kill, first match set, first nice deadhead (only deadheads I've found have been spikes 不不). Heres a few pics. A few of the dogs are locating sheds, one brings them back, one runs off with em, and my pup is addicted to them.
  2. Nikki.AWHounds

    First Aid Kit for dogs

    Dexamethasone (used for snake bites), multi tool for removing quills, cactus, thorns. Bailing twine (many uses including making a muzzle). Staple gun, sutures, super glue, benadryl, antibiotics in pill form (cephalexin and penicillin are the best). Syringes with the needles, ace bandage, gauze, soap (I keep a real small bottle of the blue Dawn Dish soap). Scalples or a havalon or havalon blades. A wash rag, rubber gloves, bottle of water, and it may sound strange but sardines in soybean oil, I've saved lots of dogs by feeding them that and it replenishes them and helps them heal, can also be used for giving meds peacefully. Double U Hunting Supply at www.dudupply.com has premade ones, that are real nice. Most of my stuff is hand me down from my dad and stuff that I have added to but the stuff I listed is the stuff that I use the most and that if i dont need it, i find someone on the mountain who needs it. Check the surplus stores, i have a navy medical kit that i carry in my pack, and its helped my dogs and even myself more then anything. Nothing worse then being miles from the truck and dogs getting into a situation and wishing you had the stuff.
  3. Nikki.AWHounds

    Found knife in Unit 1

    Found a knife on Sunday in unit 1. It is pretty unique so whoever lost it should be able to identify it pretty easy. If you lost a knife in unit 1 send me a message describing it and I'll let you know if it is yours or not. Thanks. -Nikki.
  4. Nikki.AWHounds

    More closures

    This is the first year this has been in effect. It is also the first year in a while a lot of these areas have had snow. So it is going to close. It's always been 1 lion per year except where the precious sheep live in multi kill units. There are some things with the new changes that need to be changed yes. But killing ALL lions is BS. Just like everything else, it's important to follow the laws on this. The more we as hunters get involved with lion sightings, like the one I responded to today in a closed unit, the more we can work WITH game and fish instead of against them to make proper changes.
  5. Nikki.AWHounds

    More closures

  6. Nikki.AWHounds

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Neither of my parents were old enough to even dream of a kid like me at that time 不不不 I was here when that freak storm in like April or may happened though. I moved from Colorado and this Arizona snow dont mess around
  7. Nikki.AWHounds

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    不不不 poverty beer. I dont drink that nasty crap. That's one that was left in my truck from a friend. I keep beer on hand and he keeps Snickers on hand, when one of us acts up we throw the appropriate cure at the other 不不 it's been snowing all day here but like I said the neighbor might have a foot more then us here. This neighborhood is whackadoodle like that.
  8. Nikki.AWHounds

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Hardly got squat at my house in Lakeside. It varies from house to house it seems like. Was expecting more but kinda glad it's not as bad as they were saying. And no, that's not a tall boy. Just a regular nasty bud light lol
  9. Nikki.AWHounds

    Lion hunting closed in 21, 22, 23, 24 A&B

    Dang I didnt hear that one last night. Crazy.
  10. Nikki.AWHounds

    Zone 4 closure

    Love how you assume I somehow had anything to do with it. I've never hunted that zone for lion in my life. But thanks for thinking it was me.
  11. Nikki.AWHounds

    Zone 4 closure

    Just an FYI Lion Management Zone 4 which includes units 7E, 7W, 9, 10, and 11M will close Wednesday Feb 20. The AZ Mountain Lion Hotline Phone number is 18774380447. Same one used to report harvest, and just like bear it will go through closed units/zones before the reporting part starts. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Lots and lots of snow on the way.
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  13. Nikki.AWHounds

    Does anyone use off brand trail cams from Amazon?

    I mean if you get them and dont like them, I'll buy em from you. Cuz for what I do and what I use em for, they are worth every penny. Once I get lock boxes made I'm gonna put them out more but the only times I've put them on public land was when I was one weekend trips and was going to be back in there everyday to check em
  14. Nikki.AWHounds

    Does anyone use off brand trail cams from Amazon?

    My cousin bought me them as a surprise gift so I dont know exactly which ones they were but I think these are them Binrrio Trail Camera, 1080P 16MP Game Camera with 120簞Wide Angle 65ft Detection, 850nm IR LEDs Motion Activated Night Vision IP65 Waterproof Wildlife Hunting Camera for Outdoor Nature & Home Security https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ML2YZTN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UnDACbAF44717
  15. Nikki.AWHounds

    Does anyone use off brand trail cams from Amazon?

    When you have it set to record video it will show the Play at the bottom and is shows how many pics. You cant zoom in on there though so like the last pic of the cedar rat, all I could see on the screen when i was out was the tail, so my first thought was coatimundi. But I like them