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  1. Nikki.AWHounds

    2 mt lion/hound paintings

    Man I wish we were in a better spot right now or I'd love to have em. If they dont sell I'll try and sell a collar or something.
  2. Nikki.AWHounds

    2 mt lion/hound paintings

    😮😮😮😮 why ya selling your TM pics man!? Those are national treasures.
  3. Nikki.AWHounds

    Nice Boar (skull update)

    No actually I didnt. But i had the privilege of catching and releasing some pretty nice bears this year. I dont need to kill a bear to prove the point I was making. That's not why I hunt bears. I hunt bears to make Hounds and enjoy the woods. Have i caught some shooters? Absolutely. But if i punch my tag the dogs dont get to go. So i make a donation to game and fish every year and enjoy my time in the woods. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Nikki.AWHounds

    Lost dog $1000 reward

    Left side on ribs. Its visible in the second pic in the post but they are harder to see on lighter colored dogs.
  5. Nikki.AWHounds

    Lost dog $1000 reward

    Thank you both. We believe he may have slipped his collar and someone found him thinking he was abandoned due to him being gone for so long. He is freeze branded with a registered freeze brand. The reward is still there. We just want our boy back.
  6. Nikki.AWHounds

    Lost dog $1000 reward

    Our dog got loose from camp near Concho AZ. We believe he got picked up and got loose near St. John's AZ. He got loose Oct 18th. I have had him posted on Facebook and other places since then but we have kinda reached a stand still on sightings of him. We are offering $1000 cash reward for his return. If you know any ranchers or anyone in the area please feel free to share. We would love any help in bringing our boy home. We are absolutely devastated. Thank you for any help. We greatly appreciate any help we can get. He may have slipped his collar so if he is seen please call 9282426480 or 5415891621. Thanks.
  7. Nikki.AWHounds

    Any metalheads?

    Wow! I am so jealous of so many of you. I've always said if I could change anything it would be WHEN I was born, just so I can experience so many great bands back in the day. Saw Megadeth, Testament, and Slayer like 10 years ago? Whenever they did the American Carnage Tour that got postponed. Saw Midland last year, was going to see Willie this year but plans fell through and later realized I was thrilled we didnt get to go lol. Going to see Midland again in October. Had tickets to see AC/DC in Vegas. Ended up not going. Filed for divorce like 4 days later. Yes it was his fault I didnt go 🤣🤣🤣. So AC/DC is probably the band I would have most liked to see in concert.
  8. Nikki.AWHounds

    WALL TENT 8 X 10

    How easy is this to set up?
  9. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

    2 females are left. Make me an offer on em. Need em out of here, have a litter that will be born any day and need the kennel freed up. Darker female and medium female left. Pup in middle of the 3 is sold. Make me an offer, let's do some trading. First come first serve on the pups.
  10. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

    Bigger Tiger Stripe brindle female is sold, Tiger Stripe male is sold, and the Red brindle Male is sold. I'm having issues uploading pics of the available females posted here but I took some this morning during the feeding frenzy so if you want some sent in a text or email I'm more then happy to do so.
  11. If anyone is single and doesnt wanna be anymore, buy that truck 🤣🤣 In all seriousness that is one of the cleanest most handsome of those big Dodges I've ever seen. If I had the money I'd buy it right now. Beautiful truck. How it goes to a good home.
  12. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

    Got two pups spoken for, not sure which ones but pups are still first come first serve. Will hold a pup for 24 hours without a deposit.
  13. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

    No pups are still for sale.
  14. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

  15. Nikki.AWHounds

    Last 2 hound pups. Reduced.

    I have 6 Five week old hound pups. Mom and dad are both finished bear dogs, both have been on a bunch of cats as well. 2 males and 4 females for sale. Pups are $300 each, will be wormed and have at least first and second rounds of shots. Tails are cropped, about 1/4 of the tail was taken off. If interested in a pup let me know. Located in Show Low AZ More pics available upon request, takes a while to upload in the post so only posting the 1 for right now.