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  1. BlazinTA

    burris xtr II 1-5 (LPVO)

    Took this in on a trade deal. It's in really good shape. Has a leupold mount, vortex lens covers and mkm throw lever. $475
  2. BlazinTA


    Mathews Triax 28.5/70 Subalpine with black limbs Mathews subalpine quiver and stabilizer Trophy taker smackdown (Sight is NOT included) SOLD
  3. BlazinTA


  4. BlazinTA

    WTB 7mm rem

    I have a ruger mark II in 7mm rem mag. Shoot me a message if interested
  5. BlazinTA

    Exo mountain k2 3500 fusion

    Bump for price drop. $475 Shipped. Or $450 picked up
  6. BlazinTA

    Gear liquidation #1

    Where are you located?
  7. BlazinTA

    Exo mountain k2 3500 fusion

    Small belt. Weapons carrier included. Has a sling stud mounted on right shoulder strap. No issues. Just moved to the k3 4800. Only had it for about a year. $500 shipped. Or $475 picked up. Im in camp verde.
  8. BlazinTA


    Price drop
  9. BlazinTA


  10. BlazinTA

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Yep. dang near as bad as Facebook.
  11. BlazinTA

    Swarovski Tripod adapter

    Where are you located? I've got a brand new Swarovski adapter that I don't need. I can ship if needed
  12. BlazinTA

    Wtb 15x56 or 18x56

    I've got some sig zulu 9 15x56. They are nice binos. Basically brand new... I'd take $900. Here's a review of them compared to some other high-end binos.
  13. BlazinTA

    Zeiss 15x56 HD sold

    Pm sent
  14. BlazinTA

    12x50 EL Swarovksi $1750 shipped

    Sold i assume?