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    Canada Bear hunt

    Congrats!! Looks like it was an exciting hunt! Great pictures!!!
  2. Clearwateralaska

    Another Amazing Hunt in Sonora Mexico

    You have done a great job. Congrats on the great bucks!!!
  3. Clearwateralaska

    Moose Hunting Tips

    If you are one of the lucky ones who drew a moose permit and ready for Alaska Moose Hunting. These tips and basic hunting guidelines helps you to successful harvest: Hunt for moose near food sources and water. Use rifle rather than arrow, bowstring Wear good quality and waterproof boots Moose also have great hearing so wearing clothes that does not make any noise. Hunt during August, September. This is best season for Moose hunting Hope these tips helpful for you. Contact us if you’re thinking about going on a moose hunt.
  4. I have read the full article" Shoot Better Now: 12 Setup Tips for Bowhunting Success" . It's great. Thanks for sharing these tips for bowhunting success.
  5. Clearwateralaska

    Original hunt

    Thats awesome. Thanks for posting the video!
  6. Clearwateralaska

    Wife's First Elk Hunt

    Great job!! Congratulations to your wife on the successful hunt.
  7. Clearwateralaska

    Canada Bear hunt

    Congrats on a successful hunt!!! Thanks for sharing the story and pictures!!!
  8. Clearwateralaska

    my first bear pics

    Very Nice!!! You have done a great job. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Clearwateralaska

    First Bear...

    Amazing pictures!! You have done a great job. Congrats on a successful bear hunt!!
  10. Clearwateralaska

    30A First Bear

    Awesome!!! Congratulations to him on a nice bear! Great job!
  11. Clearwateralaska

    First Bear

    You have done a great job!!! Congrats on a great accomplishment!
  12. Clearwateralaska

    Hunt to South Africa

    Congrats on an outstanding trip. Thanks for the detailed report and photos.
  13. Clearwateralaska

    Trip to the Western Cape

    Awesome trip!! Congrats on some amazing animals. Thanks for the writeup and pics. I will be going very soon!!!
  14. Clearwateralaska

    Original hunt

    Amazing! It really great to see such high levels of respect given to the animal they take!
  15. Clearwateralaska

    First bear hunt– color phase bear, 35A

    Great Story!!!! Congratulations on a well-earned bear. My latest black bear hunt
  16. Clearwateralaska

    My 2018 Hunting wrap up

    Wow! Congrats to you on first deer. You have done a great job man! Your very fortunate to have a wife that hunts with You.
  17. Clearwateralaska

    Yukon Moose Hunt

    Congratulations!!! Awesome pictures with a great story. It sounds like a great time with a lot of good people, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!!
  18. Clearwateralaska

    MY First Bull

    Good read!! Congratulations Chris on great bull. This was really challenging hunt, but you have done great job.
  19. Clearwateralaska

    Bear with pistol?

    No, because I always use rifles.
  20. Clearwateralaska

    Bear hunt success

    Congratulations. It's a nice size bear.
  21. Clearwateralaska

    2020 grizzly hunt in Russia

    Good luck for your hunting tour.
  22. Clearwateralaska

    MY First Bull

    Congratulations. It's a big size hunt.
  23. Clearwateralaska

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    Great hunt, It's a nice buck. Best of luck for your next hunt.
  24. Clearwateralaska

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    In which month you have click this photo?
  25. Clearwateralaska

    13a success

    Congrats for your great hunt.