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  1. Shedfrk0408

    REDUCED!!Vortex Diamondbacks 10x50 $175

  2. Shedfrk0408

    REDUCED!!Vortex Diamondbacks 10x50 $175

    200 sorry about that.
  3. Shedfrk0408

    REDUCED!!Vortex Diamondbacks 10x50 $175

    $200 I forgot to put the price up haha!
  4. Selling my vortex diamondbacks 10x50s I upgraded my glass and no longer use these. They are in great shape. Never been dropped and well taken care of. The harness is junk but I will include it in the sale. Text me at 6two377six6four9zero for more info. Shipping not included.
  5. Need to sell my bow. It’s a quest g5 hammer. It’s right handed and right now the draw is set at 60lbs and 29 inch draw length. It’s fully loaded ready to hunt. It had new strings and cables put it last summer and it hasn’t been shot since. The string has been waxed and well taken care of since. Make me an offer or text me with any questions. 6237766490
  6. Shedfrk0408

    Selling my Quest Hammer.

    I no longer use this bow and I’m looking to sell it. It’s a quest hammer 60lb draw fully setup ready to hunt. I’m a motivated seller so make me an offer the bow will also come with a Scott little goose release to sweeten the deal. Message me for more info! Asking $350
  7. Shedfrk0408

    A.R.E Camper Shell $200 (Sold)

    Is this shell still available?
  8. Shedfrk0408

    Free Camper shell

    Would this fit on a 2012 shorbed chevy?
  9. Shedfrk0408

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    I work four tens so I’m sitting here glued to my phone bouncing back and forth between five other pages and my bank account waiting and waiting!!
  10. Shedfrk0408

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    If you haven’t gotten hit yet you didn’t draw!! Now go back to work and quit checking your accounts every two minutes! Hahahaha
  11. Shedfrk0408

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    7:05 last year for me.
  12. Shedfrk0408

    Archery gear and optics up for sale!!

    Right now it’s set at 29
  13. Shedfrk0408

    Archery gear and optics up for sale!!

    Thanks man i completely forgot!
  14. First item is a PSE brute force. I bought it brand new in September and it’s been shot about fifty times. It’s in great condition! The data card is in the photos but I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. This bow comes ready to hunt with arrows, release, and a hard case. Asking 350 for complete setup. The second item is vortex diamondbacks 10x50s they are also like new. Asking 200 for them. Let me know if you have any questions!