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  1. Patrick

    Rifle and binoculars

    Are the binoculars 12X50 HD?
  2. How do you do a PM message?
  3. Patrick

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x56 binos USED ONCE!!

    Do you still have the binoculars?
  4. Patrick

    Cabin in Unit 10 NM

    Where is the cabin at I would like to look at it if it is still on the market. I'm leaving to Ignacio Colorado June 7 would drive over to the property to check out.
  5. Patrick

    Model 7 in 7mm/08

    Thank you for your help. The 1 my buddy was telling me about had a stainless barrel. He said it was still up this past Monday said it was $520 with scope.
  6. Patrick

    Model 7 in 7mm/08

    A friend of mine said there was 1 posted. Is it still available or did it sale I can't seem to find it?
  7. Patrick

    FS Vortex Kaibabs

    Hey I'm newer to this site so I do not know how to pm. But would you be up for possible trade?
  8. Patrick

    Wtb Gooseneck hitch

    I have buddy that has a fifth wheel hitch that came out of his 06 dodge 2500. I will have him send inf. tomorrow if you want to wait a day?
  9. Patrick

    FS Vortex Kaibabs

    Could you add PICS would like to pick up binos. Thanks Pat
  10. Patrick

    WTB Remington Model 7 Stock

    What are you asking for the stock?
  11. Patrick

    Vortex 20x56 Kaibab HD

    Where are you located?
  12. Patrick

    Vortex Viper 15x50 sold

    Do you still have I would like to buy?
  13. Patrick

    Remington Mohawk 600

    Could you text me at 623 243 2782 thanks Pat
  14. Patrick

    Remington Mohawk 600

    I the one that has been asking about a cash price. Do you have a cash price in mind?
  15. Patrick

    Remington Mohawk 600

    Did you still have I don't see a sold on this gun?