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  1. Black_Flag

    Kuiu Bino case & Vortex Tripod

    What’s the status on the availability of these items? If available, I’ll take the harness and tripod.
  2. Black_Flag

    Talleys for Tikka

    I’ll take the other. Shoot me your PayPal
  3. Black_Flag

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    Yes. I have no plans of reloading at this time.
  4. Black_Flag

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    300 win mag.
  5. I apologize for this type of thread since I know they appear often, but I’m a bit out of my element. I understand this is more of an apples to oranges type question, nonetheless this seems to be my conundrum. Price here is not an issue as I’m blessed to have the contacts where I get either for about the same price. I am however looking to fill a western hunting rifle role with whatever I choose. I was pretty firm on the Tikka, but it’s been difficult to attain since the cartridge I desire hasn’t been in stock dang near anywhere. My concerns here is the weight and value. I’ve acquired a scope that’s already at approximately 2lbs, and the Bergara is 2.5 lbs or so more than the tikka. I may be splitting hairs and over complicating the issue, but I prefer to buy once and not go through what I consider the hassle of flipping a hunting rifle later on. Thanks in advance.
  6. Black_Flag


    Thanks for the input, I’ll keep it in mind when scouting.
  7. Black_Flag


    I feel I have a respectable budget, but starting from near no equipment it complicates things a bit. I was hoping to prioritize as best I could, then get more etc near year. I was planning on picking up a pair of Razor 10x42’s, a 300 winmag with either a vortex Or Leupold 4x16, and a pair of hunting boots (Schnee’s and Crispi’s have my attention). Haven't considered a tripod.
  8. Black_Flag


    Nope. Doing all the research I can now. I also need to figure out the priority of equipment/gear I need to source, I.E. binoculars, boots, camo etc, all of which I don’t have but can purchase or borrow.
  9. Black_Flag


    I really liked Blag Flag/Rollins
  10. Black_Flag


    That’s what I hear, on both accounts.
  11. Black_Flag


    Just received my tag in the mail for my first ever deer hunt. Super stoked and I have no one else to yap to about it!