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  1. STWslinger

    WTB TC Encore Muzzy Barrel

    Appreciate it! Trying to stay away from eBay unless I have too. I trust this site way more than eBay. Thank you for looking out though!
  2. STWslinger

    WTB TC Encore Muzzy Barrel

    TTT and who do you report scammers to? I have one that tried to get me to email them.
  3. STWslinger

    WTB TC Encore Muzzy Barrel

  4. STWslinger

    WTB TC Encore Muzzy Barrel

    Just drew NM open sight muzzy coues! Looking for a 50cal TC encore muzzy barrel and forend. I would prefer the walnut forend but not picky. I am located in Sierra Vista. Thanks!
  5. STWslinger

    European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    Ordered one for my archery 35A buck. I asked for the unit to be engraved and it came out amazing! Shipped and received it in two days. Thank you again! Couldn’t be happier.
  6. STWslinger

    Tournaments at Parker Canyon Lake

    Does anyone know of any bass tournaments on Parker Canyon Lake? I know there are some on Patagonia but that lake and I do not get along. I’d love to fish a trail on Parker canyon if there is one however.
  7. STWslinger

    Duck stamp paintings

  8. STWslinger

    Card Hits!

    Don’t give me hope……
  9. STWslinger

    Card Hits!

  10. STWslinger


    Sir, where are you located? If you are near Sierra Vista or Tucson I will take them.
  11. STWslinger

    Looking for coues deer cape(no longer needed)

    I have a raw cape from a 70in 8pt my buddy got on the first rifle hunt in Oct. My mom used to be a taxidermist so I caped it correctly. The only hole is from the 6.5 creedmoor in his heart. The hole is in the picture. Located in Sierra Vista.
  12. STWslinger

    338 laupa ammunition

    I’ll take them if you can ship.
  13. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    Price drop $750 last drop
  14. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    Price Drop $800 Also open to trades.
  15. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    $850 Thompson Center Encore 22-250 Bushnell 3x9 I have a custom hand load that this rifle shoots .4in 100yd groups with. Will be willing to sell ammo with the rifle. I believe there are 45 or so rounds left. Located in Sierra Vista