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  1. STWslinger

    Looking for coues deer cape(no longer needed)

    I have a raw cape from a 70in 8pt my buddy got on the first rifle hunt in Oct. My mom used to be a taxidermist so I caped it correctly. The only hole is from the 6.5 creedmoor in his heart. The hole is in the picture. Located in Sierra Vista.
  2. STWslinger

    338 laupa ammunition

    I’ll take them if you can ship.
  3. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    Price drop $750 last drop
  4. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    Price Drop $800 Also open to trades.
  5. STWslinger

    Thompson Center Encore 22-250

    $850 Thompson Center Encore 22-250 Bushnell 3x9 I have a custom hand load that this rifle shoots .4in 100yd groups with. Will be willing to sell ammo with the rifle. I believe there are 45 or so rounds left. Located in Sierra Vista
  6. STWslinger

    Clothes for sale

    Sending pm
  7. STWslinger

    Clothes for sale

    I’ll take kings camo plz
  8. STWslinger

    Help! Need 30-30 ammo for youth elk hunt

    Not yet but I did get a 21ft triton… maybe next year👍
  9. STWslinger

    Help! Need 30-30 ammo for youth elk hunt

    I’m down in Vista and I can make some as well. I have plenty of components.
  10. Fantastic, does better with that than spherical. Spherical sometimes likes to bounce out of the pan so you will have one or two bounce on the table that you have to vacuum. I’ve even ran blue dot through it and it did fine.
  11. I’ve had the Hornady, RCBS, and the Frankford auto throwers. The Frankford is the best by a wide margin. Free TTT hope you find one.
  12. STWslinger


    Pm sent
  13. STWslinger

    Expedition MX16

    *posting for friend* MX16. 26-31” draw. 60-70lbs $600 bare bow $675 with HHA vertus rest $750 with rest and HHA tetra single pin All prices include shipping. For more pics or questions text Micah,(254) 206-01five three.
  14. STWslinger

    Moultrie trail camera set up

    Try advertising it as a “personal enjoyment camera”. Or as a “security camera”. Dang those evil game cameras, how dare they kill all those deer!
  15. STWslinger

    SOLD Bowtech / Eberlestock / Sitka

    I’ll take it! I’m off tomorrow and can meet you at sportsmans.