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  1. STWslinger

    Expedition MX16

    *posting for friend* MX16. 26-31” draw. 60-70lbs $600 bare bow $675 with HHA vertus rest $750 with rest and HHA tetra single pin All prices include shipping. For more pics or questions text Micah,(254) 206-01five three.
  2. STWslinger

    Moultrie trail camera set up

    Try advertising it as a “personal enjoyment camera”. Or as a “security camera”. Dang those evil game cameras, how dare they kill all those deer!
  3. STWslinger

    SOLD Bowtech / Eberlestock / Sitka

    I’ll take it! I’m off tomorrow and can meet you at sportsmans.
  4. STWslinger

    WTB Rifle Scope 4-12 ish

    Look up black hound optics. I just bought the 6-24 for my lapua. I was skeptical because of the price, but my dad finally convinced me because of all the overwhelmingly positive reviews he was receiving at his shop. It is way too nice for the price. The scope comes with rings and levels for mounting as well. I highly recommend giving them a shot. https://www.blackhoundoptics.com/
  5. STWslinger

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    I am not a vet. But I will def send you a PM! Thank you
  6. STWslinger

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    I know Sierra Vista has a bass club that fishes there but they are the ones I can’t find.
  7. STWslinger

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    For Patagonia they have the Patagonia elite series. I just googled them and found the entry form. There are tournaments from March to October.
  8. STWslinger

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    I’m trying but the club is small so they are very difficult to find! The website says they meet at a local pizza place on Wednesdays, but I’ve gone a few times and haven’t seen anyone.
  9. I am in search of a tournament partner for Parker Canyon Lake and/or Patagonia. I currently do not have a boat so I am looking to be a co-angler right now. I am working towards getting a boat but with boat prices being what they are right now it may have to wait till next year. I am located in Sierra Vista.
  10. STWslinger

    2021 draw

    They land in my duck decoys and really torture me all winter. Maybe one day I’ll get to hunt them, but I may draw a strip tag first at this point! Maybe I can go buy a Governors crane tag 😂.
  11. STWslinger

    Hits Started

    Did anyone get a hit for cranes yet? Or am I just a complete failure?
  12. STWslinger

    2021 draw

    Did anyone get a hit for a crane tag yet? Or do I just suck again?
  13. STWslinger

    Applying for a New Unit?

    Lots of people walking around the hills, but still pretty safe. They do help push the deer around though 🤷‍♂️.
  14. STWslinger

    Applying for a New Unit?

    Why instead of punishing all residents can’t we make the non-resident otc hunts draws? Every hunting show on YouTube brags about how these guys from all over the country are coming here to hunt deer in the rut otc. I think that is the problem with the greater number of hunters and harvests. I don’t get to go to New Mexico, and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m almost certain I cannot go to Utah as well, and hunt deer in December and January otc. Limit the tags for non-residents and make them draws. If you’re worried about money, then raise the prices on the non-residents. Stop punishing residents to pander to non-resident hunters. I don’t want to sound like I hate other people getting to enjoy hunting in AZ, but I’m also tired of not being able to hunt desirable units in my state because of non-residents.
  15. STWslinger

    22-250 rounds

    If you are near Sierra Vista I can help you out.