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  1. Yes the late December hunts are worth it. With the points you have I would keep going for them, draw odds are moving in your favor. They are not a slam dunk that your going to kill a 100in. deer. You got realize there has been 1-4 coues hunts before your hunt depending on the unit. Also hunting pre rut/ rut coues is still tuff, you still have to find them, not as easy as other deer species. The success rates are skewed since some trophy hunt and don’t harvest, some don’t report. I would just look at type of country you want to hunt, deer #s, and units history of quality deer produced, apply, and hope.
  2. KoosCrazy

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    15’s and a tripod is all I carry in the field. No need for two sets of bino’s. I use a spotter but it never gets far from the truck, too much junk to haul.
  3. KoosCrazy

    Regs are out

    Yes antler restriction did not work in NM and won’t ever work. All they do is increase harvest on middle class deer by forcing everyone to be trophy hunters. In turn less deer will make it to be older. Allowing people to kill smaller bucks actuals leave more of different age class bucks to get older. Othing wrong with folks shooting fork horns if that’s what floats their boat. Look at elk popualtions, no antler restrictions just very limited license. Bulls get old and big. Simple functions low license # = older animals. Same old argument do you want big deer then you have to restrict licenses or would you rather go hunting every year and be happy with younger deer? Antler restrictions don’t solve anything.
  4. KoosCrazy


    Nice catch, you should have skinned him though.
  5. I personally like 8-10lbs rifle, scope, bipod and all. Too light is hard to shoot accurately at distance. Heavy is nice for long shots but a pain to carry. I’ve hunted with 338 to 243 for Coues. My favorites are my 280AI and 6.5-06 both at 9lb fully equipped. I’ve found the longer barrels 26+ are more a pain than an extra lbs or 2. I like 24 in max barrels.
  6. KoosCrazy

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    I bought a franchi compact 20 for my kid. It was extremely reliable and light recoil. They are a little spendy at 700-750. Shot the snot out of it for 2 years trap, skeet, doves turkey and sold it for 600. Semi autos aren’t the best for youth but don’t recoil as bad as single shots and over unders. Remember too light in a shotgun is not good for kids. If your just using for turkey hard to beat an Rem 870. Cut the stock down put on good recoil pad and when he is older you can go back to a full size stock
  7. We have killed a couple of cow elk, antelope and Aoudads all with the 142 out of 6.5 (3000fps). Bullets have all performed great at short to medium distances. They are a little softer than the regular accubonds and I have had 60-80% retention. I have had the nose separate and the core stay solid. They shoot great out of my gun. I also found they like a little jump, mine shot best at .050 another friend found the same. If your shooting them at 3200 fps you might see some big fragmentation on a close shot but the shank should stay intact. Don't think you would have any issues with them killing but might destroy some meat a close high fps shots, that would be the only down side. EDLX are the same, all the bullets that are designed to expand at low velocities tend to explode more at close range high FPS shots
  8. KoosCrazy

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    My experience has been the opposite, out of the hundreds I have been around only 5 ish didn’t rattle. The ones that don’t rattle usually aren’t ready to strike, they are moving away so no worries there. Only 1 that a can recall didn’t rattle and was striking. He was a grumpy little prairie rattler.
  9. KoosCrazy

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    We run into them all the time. They are no big deal at all. When you get near they rattle and let you know they are around, simply move away from the rattle if you cant see them. General when you first encounter them they will coil and rattle, the second encounter is more likely to provoke a strike. Meaning the first guy walking the trail steps near or on him isn't as likely to get bit as the second guy right behind him. Be in the lead hahaha. August Sept when monsoons hit snake are most active and odds of encounters increase. Humid river bottoms are hot spots for snakes, odd are better to find them. Avoid those kind of places if you can. They shouldn't concern you much just be aware and keep eyes open, they are actually kind of cool to see. I use to kill them all, now I let them be unless they are in a bad spot. I had a big black tail a couple years ago stand his ground on a trail when I was leading a pack string. Middle of now where on a steep hill side and I couldn't get him to slither off so he had to go.
  10. KoosCrazy

    New Mexico draw

    A sea of red for me.
  11. KoosCrazy

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    As you type on social media, a bit of irony eh!! You are correct that social media changed everything but there isn’t an age group at fault. Some poor decisions by a few have made huge ramifications for all of us. Hopefully we can get smart and quit lighting torches on our own a$$
  12. KoosCrazy

    Guns, Bows, Binos for sale

  13. KoosCrazy

    Confidence building in teens, what have you done?

    Any sports, 4H, FFA, shooting sports get her involved. 4H and FFA do a excellent job with building leadership skills. Team sports do a great job building confidence
  14. I agree they don’t care. They are all about stirring up emotion from the in educated. I know N.M. has won several law suits and avoided others by the anti’s and liberals. They were able to do it because they had science to back up what they are doing. I’m just hoping your State game and fish is going about it smartly. All this happened in N.M. because a group held a contest then piled all the dead out on BLM where anti/ non hunters found them. Gave hunters a heck of a black eye that ended up costing us.
  15. Just passed a bill to ban coyote contest in NM. Gov will sign, anti dems in charge here. Guess we will have rabbit calling now. Before you bash AZ game and fish think about what a study will do. It will show the calling contest do not harm nor affect the population. They will have science to back them. Best method to fight antis. Don’t know your commission but They might be helping more than you think.