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  1. KoosCrazy

    Senior's unit 8 late rifle bull elk hunt

    Very cool to get to take your dad on a hunt like that. Congrats to both
  2. KoosCrazy

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Nothing prettier than a big typical, congrats to both!!!
  3. KoosCrazy

    New rifle build 6.5 300wsm

    For a hunting gun I would go with a 6.5 PRC. You’ll get close to 6.5-300 velocities with way less headaches, no fire forming, no neck trimming, head stamped brass and all. Just not worth 100-150 fps to me. But if your a speed chaser and like the tinkering of wildcats go for it.
  4. KoosCrazy

    Cow Tags, Kids, and Time Well Spent

    Congrats on the hunt. Great story with gun very cool, and great pre-hunt prep. And excellent job letting the elk drink and everything calm down, very smart/experienced move. Made for great pictures
  5. KoosCrazy

    Help With Score Guess

    I say 170 frame but since he is missing a point and in velvet I would bring him in the 155-160’s. Pretty deer no matter what. I’ve been known to mid judge deer by a few inches too!!!
  6. Awesome shot and video
  7. KoosCrazy

    South of the Boarder Violence

    I agree that sounds like it was targeted. How do mistake a bunch of blondes in Mexico. I wasn’t going this year and haven’t been since the place we went was DIY. We drove down with our guns and in the heart of drug runner country. Just not worth the risk to me. People there were great, very cool to hang around with real Cowboys. If I was going with an outfitter and not driving in I wouldn’t be worried at all
  8. KoosCrazy

    Shooting from one unit into another????

    It’s legal in NM, can’t see how it would be different in AZ. If I was going to do this I would talk with the local Warden before the hunt and get their definition because that’s the one that will matter since they are the one who will or won’t bust you for it. You could win in court but what a pain that would be. Best solve it before hand so you don’t have any issues to ruin your hunt.
  9. KoosCrazy

    Rifles are Ready (AKA: Hammer Bullets Are Accurate!)

    Nothing wrong with having back-up for your back -up rifle haha. Happy hunting
  10. KoosCrazy

    Look at this AZ freak buck

    What a cool buck, congrats to your cuz!!!
  11. KoosCrazy

    Shooting from a boat in NM

    From the website
  12. KoosCrazy

    Shooting from a boat in NM

    Shooting from boat is Game and Fish website. For Where on the lake I would cal Navajo Lake State Park
  13. KoosCrazy

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Very Nice buck!! Congrats
  14. KoosCrazy

    Shooting from a boat in NM

    Yes it is legal to shoot from boat. Boat has to be stationary or not moving from a power of engine. If you look in the rules and refs on their website you can read the exact rule. The whole lake probably isn’t state park only a portion just like Elephant butte. Call the lake to get where you can and can’t.
  15. KoosCrazy

    My son's first deer

    Congrats beauty of a buck for his first