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  1. KoosCrazy

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    I would look at 7-08 or less. 260, 6.5 creed more, 25-06,243 all good choices. Remember light short rifles can kick a lot so something to think about. I would buy a full size, get the stock cut down or replace stock with adjustable stock. Then as he grows you can use same gun, just change or adjust stock. This is a gun he will likely keep his whole life so buy something quality not cheap. My 2 pennies
  2. KoosCrazy

    horses in elk unit

    Guess I will chime in. Let’s get some facts straight. First I’m a horse lover and owner but don’t believe feral horses serve any purpose. 1- horses are mono gastric and very in efficient in using what they eat compared to cattle Cattle have 4 chambered stomach much more efficient . Takes way more country to run the same number of horses than cattle. Horses are harder on habitat for this reason. 2 horse were brought here by Europeans, no such thing as a native horse. 3 feral horses are ruining tons of public land in Utah, AZ, Nevada, and NM. 4 Lions will and do eat feral horses. NM had a collared lion that pretty much lived on feral horses. 5 Any populations of unregulated animal will eventually destroy there habitat then the populations will crash and start cycle over again. 6 Since horses settled the west( really was mules) Americans have the fantasy that they can’t be eaten. Had an old timer try Oryx meat and he said it tasted a lot like horse. Oryx is delicious for those who haven’t had any. 7 Best thing that could happen if the killer market came back the the wild horses could be put to good use.
  3. KoosCrazy

    Opinions on vortex spotting scope

    Depends on how you use it. If your just using to tell buck from doe and not fine detail the razors are good enough. If you can find a used one with the 65mm bell they are good for there price range. If you are trying to tell detail like a 90 in deer from a 97 in deer they aren’t good enough. Save money and buy better.
  4. KoosCrazy


    Yes wolves alone will crash a herd. They kill the calves, the recruitment in the elk population drops below 20% the herd crashes from years Of not enough replacement to sustain. Whether that’s the case with that herd I don’t know but I bet it is. Just watch when the wolf numbers finally get high here, same will happen. The thing the wolf lovers never show is what historic wolf populations were. The wolf populations exceed what the true carrying capacity is thus they are over harvesting their food source. When the elk populations crash, the wolf’s don’t, they just move to the next mountain range and start hammering the elk there. There is a reason wolves were hated back in the day, they truly will kill for fun and wipe out their food source.
  5. KoosCrazy

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    Chamber empty always. Different types of hunting like quail you kind of have to have a round in the chamber. But big game where you spend more time huffing and puffing up hills, slipping/ falling than you do shooting it makes no sense to carry chambered. If your sitting in a blind/ tree stand or sitting calling where your not moving I see no issue with chambering a round. I kind of trophy hunt so I’m not going to shoot anything in such a hurry where I need to be chambered. The worse thing that can happen when your unchambered is the critter gets away. Now what’s the worse that can happen when your chambered?? Why take the chance!!
  6. KoosCrazy

    Favorite Christmas Gift Growing Up.....

    Daisy 880, didn’t shoot my eye out but I shot everything else. Got grounded many a time from that present!!
  7. KoosCrazy

    Wanna see a dead body?

    That’s a happy kitty, what a cool sight to witness, great video. There is plenty of elk, the kitty can get a pass This Time only!! Haha
  8. KoosCrazy

    The End is Near

    Very nice. Thanks for posting
  9. KoosCrazy

    Senior's unit 8 late rifle bull elk hunt

    Very cool to get to take your dad on a hunt like that. Congrats to both
  10. KoosCrazy

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Nothing prettier than a big typical, congrats to both!!!
  11. KoosCrazy

    New rifle build 6.5 300wsm

    For a hunting gun I would go with a 6.5 PRC. You’ll get close to 6.5-300 velocities with way less headaches, no fire forming, no neck trimming, head stamped brass and all. Just not worth 100-150 fps to me. But if your a speed chaser and like the tinkering of wildcats go for it.
  12. KoosCrazy

    Cow Tags, Kids, and Time Well Spent

    Congrats on the hunt. Great story with gun very cool, and great pre-hunt prep. And excellent job letting the elk drink and everything calm down, very smart/experienced move. Made for great pictures
  13. KoosCrazy

    Help With Score Guess

    I say 170 frame but since he is missing a point and in velvet I would bring him in the 155-160’s. Pretty deer no matter what. I’ve been known to mid judge deer by a few inches too!!!
  14. KoosCrazy

    South of the Boarder Violence

    I agree that sounds like it was targeted. How do mistake a bunch of blondes in Mexico. I wasn’t going this year and haven’t been since the place we went was DIY. We drove down with our guns and in the heart of drug runner country. Just not worth the risk to me. People there were great, very cool to hang around with real Cowboys. If I was going with an outfitter and not driving in I wouldn’t be worried at all