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    What is it?

  2. elcy

    What is it?

    Is it solid? Hollow? Dense like a mallet or does it have some give?
  3. elcy

    2004 Polaris Ranger 500 4x4

    Where are you located? NADA has it valued under 3k, so it might be priced a tad on the high side...
  4. elcy

    SOLD & GONE Nylon Snow Gaiters

    Still available? I'll take them, can pickup from your location
  5. elcy

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    I'm looking for a new hunting rig, and found a Craigslist ad for UTVs made by benchee-theres a local dealer at 40th st/Roeser. Anyone have first hand knowledge about them? Thanks
  6. elcy

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    It's crazy, right? Guy is selling an 18 ranger crew 900 for 17k. (granted only 300 miles) It books at 11k. 1/2 of me says to wait 6 months when people get tired of them and the market is flooded, don't know it'll happen though
  7. elcy

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    No doubt- I need at least 4 seats though. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled.
  8. elcy

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    Thanks for the input. What you all have said echos what I've read online about them. Great deal on the Ranger 570. Tough buying a used SxS right now, People are pretty proud of them, and the ones reasonably priced go quick
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    Price drop $100 OBO
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    Bump. Great glass. Perfect starter pair for youth
  13. elcy

    Unit 22 mule deer hunt

    My kid has the 22 youth deer rifle hunt. If we get into any mule deer I'll let you know
  14. elcy

    WTB Compact Carry 9mm

    PM me an offer.
  15. elcy

    WTB Compact Carry 9mm

    I have a 4th gen glock 26 with RH kydex iwb holster, truglow night sights and 3x 10 round mags. 1 mag has a +3 pearce grip extension. I also have a+2 pearce grip extension not installed on a mag. Will come with all the other stuff that came w/ the pistol- case, mag loader, backstraps, cleaning brush, factory sights. I'll require you to fill out a 4473 at a FFL. PM me if you're interested
  16. I'm not in the market for a spotter,, but came across this ad. I don't know Swaro pricing, but seems too cheap to not be stolen? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/spo/d/phoenix-swarovski-spotting-scope-sts-65/7185338992.html
  17. elcy

    BOLO: Stolen Trailer

    If you're out this weekend, and see it, this trailer was stolen from Tempe earlier this week. Belongs to a widow with 2 young kids. Its a 2006 KZ Jag with Arizona license plate "18191D." Broken back rack with no spare tire.
  18. elcy

    Help With High School Trade-Up Project (Update)

    Excellent question Poor answer IMO. I deserve no credit for any of my 3 kids project with the exception of taking them to the store to buy supplies if needed. He can't trade w/ family, but its OK for dad to pimp his school project? Wouldn't having him create an account and post it himself be a better lesson than you doing the leg work for him?
  19. elcy

    Sell me your chest freezer

    how big you need, and how much you want to spend?
  20. elcy

    One Very Rare Critter

    Sweden 2017 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/brilliantly-white-moose-photographed-sweden-1-180964526/
  21. elcy

    got my deer permit today

    My 22 whitetail, and Son's youth tag for 22 came too. 🤔
  22. elcy

    SOLD cargo trailer

    Would you trade for screen legend Anthony Quinn's undershirt? He took it off to do sit-ups in the park, and I nabbed it. Final offer
  23. elcy

    Freezer wanted!

    Sams club at 15th Ave/Bell had about 20 of their 6.5 cu uprights for $230 last night.
  24. elcy