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  1. excaliber

    WTB 25-06

    I'm looking for a 25-06 with a 24" barrel or longer. The gun needs to be in excellent condition or new. I'm looking for a lighter weight hunting rifle not a bench gun. Browning, X-Bolt, Weatherby Vanguards and Rem 700's would all work. I'd be interested in others too. I prefer stainless. Let me know what you have for sale.
  2. excaliber

    Favorite Elk Bullet? Average shot distance in AZ?

    Dpduckhunter13 That post of yours seems to be pretty common with the ELD-X. Out of my 300 Win Mag the 200 gr ELD-X is the most accurate bullet I've ever shot. It's a flat out hammer out to 600 yards on steel. I've mostly Archery hunted over the years and just wanted one large magnum for when I drew some killer Elk Tags. Bullet choice seems to be a major compromise. I'm going to do my best to get the 200 gr Accubonds to shoot very well this spring when it warms up a bit. Thanks for all the info. Best of luck to everyone in the draw.
  3. I was wondering what everyone's favorite elk Bullet is and what your average shot distance is on the Bull(s) you've killed in AZ? I've been shooting steel with the 200 gr ELD-X out of my 300 Win Mag but never had a chance at an Elk with this load. The ELD-X is the most accurate bullet I've ever shot but have the reports say they do not hold up well at all on shots under 400 yards. I have been seriously thinking about changing to the 200 gr Accubond. Has anyone here used the ELD-X on Elk and how did they perform? How about the Accubond?
  4. excaliber

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    19 pts NR 23N and 3AC early Rifle Bull. I've been putting in for just points for so long I thought I'd shoot for the moon.
  5. excaliber

    New Year’s Eve buck

    Congrats and having the family there makes it that much better.
  6. I have a #3 Bartlein 5R 26" barrel on my semi custom Rem 700 and the same spec Proof barrel would be almost a 1/4 lb lighter. That is pretty appealing to me. The gun weighs 9-3/4 lbs with sling and it would be nice to lighten it up a bit. When I shoot this barrel out I'll be looking at a Carbon Barrel for sure.
  7. excaliber

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    That was a great write up. Too bad you didn't recover that Bull. I've never seen that many Elk on any of my elk hunts and not all of them combined. I bet that early archery hunt in there would be awesome.
  8. excaliber

    Unbelievable 2019 Late Bull Hunts

    Nice hunt!! You guys did very well.
  9. excaliber

    Unit 23 late rifle.

    Congrats on the nice Bull.
  10. excaliber

    Drama isnt my friend, so I'll post Elk pictures

    Porcupine is one dandy bull. Thanks for the video.
  11. excaliber

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Congratulations Ernesto! That's one nice buck.
  12. excaliber

    Draysen's 2019 Archery Elk Hunt (Our Epic Fall Part 2)

    Fantastic story. That was a great hunt.
  13. excaliber

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

    WOW!!! Nice Bull
  14. excaliber

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Congratulations!! Way to stick with it.
  15. excaliber

    Archery goat 2019

    Great Buck. Way to go.