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  1. I've talked to a couple of people and started to get a pretty good plan together I hope. Getting excited to get out there! Anyone else that has experience in the unit that wouldn't mind giving me feedback on a few ideas would be awesome!
  2. Just want to say I received a few different PM's with some information. Super helpful. This forum has definitely helped shorten the Coues learning curve. (or so I hope haha). Thank you to everyone here who has offered advice and information, anyone wanting hunt Utah, I am happy to return the favor!
  3. Anyone who knows Unit 32 and would be willing to give me feedback on my research so far would be greatly appreciated. I have a few spots and ideas, just want to run those by someone who knows more about it there on the ground. Thank you!
  4. Thanks guys! Checked the portal today and looks like it's Unit 32 for the Nov-Dec hunt. Super excited, ready to get out there already!
  5. Well I got a credit card hit for 945 dollars, so we are headed somewhere! We're pumped! I'm interested to find out what we drew, as the first two choices were pretty much long shots.
  6. jebuwh

    Lets get it started

    Well our group of a first time adult hunter and 3 new to Coues are going somewhere for early December. It will be an adventure. 1st choice was 32, so I am really hoping that is what we drew!
  7. jebuwh

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    We put in as a group for 33, the late Nov/early Dec hunt. Really hoping we draw. Will be taking my brother in law, first time hunting ever, and the other 3 of us are new to Coues. So it will likely be a bit of a circus, but can't beat hunting a new state for a new species.
  8. I appreciate it! Thank you. We're definitely going to shoot for the moon on draw, and pick up a leftover if we don't win the lottery.
  9. Thank you all for the help. Gives us somewhere to start! Can't wait to get to hunting down there. Such gorgeous country and animals. Really though if anyone on here is interested in archery elk in Utah, OTC tags, I will give you any info i can.
  10. Thanks everyone for the help. These forums have been great! Yeah I'll be coming from UT and he actually lives in Phoenix. Pretty much no scouting possible unfortunately. I going to try to make it down once, but mostly to set him up with gear and rifle, but I will definitely send him to a glassing day for sure. I'm looking at 24a, just being close to where he is at, or the most southern units we can draw the latest November hunt with 0 points?
  11. Got to talking about hunting with my brother in law at Christmas this year, and he mentioned he really wants to start hunting but doesn't know anyone to go with. Asked if I would be interested in an AZ Coues hunt. Obviously I said yes. So we are putting in for rifle tags this year. I told him all he needs are good boots, a pack, and a rifle(helping him buy his first shortly) and I'll bring everything else. The one thing I can't bring is any Coues deer hunting knowledge. I've been reading on here, Gohunt, and any other forums, blogs and whatever trying to learn what I can. Any suggestions on unit? We are planning on backpacking in to get away from the crowds if possible. I know that's the worst thing to ask. I am more than willing to trade any Utah hunting info I can, elk, deer, ect. Thanks in advance. This site has been a huge help so far. **Update** We drew Unit 32 for the late Nov/early Dec hunt. We are super excited to get after it. I have done a ton of research and reading, and have a few spots narrowed down, but I would love to bounce that off anyone who knows the area well. I would be extremely grateful!
  12. Just joined the forums, planning my first Coues hunt for this fall, and this is the first thing I read on the forums. I'm so pumped now. Also if you ever decide your current career doesn't do it for you anymore, I highly suggest a career as an outdoor writer. Awesome story, thanks for sharing with everyone.