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  1. Extrapale

    71 yrs old with 19 bonus points, what unit for a Bull

    5a early rifle or 5bs early muzzy?
  2. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    Cool hunt Caleb. Beautiful ram. I was about to email you to see how it turned out.
  3. Extrapale


    Nice job Caleb! Beautiful ram. Sounds like a hunt of a lifetime.
  4. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    We had 6 points apiece last year. They had a 5 point avaerage this year. Not much luck involved.
  5. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    Couple more pics of my 2018 bull, and my other nephew's bull from this year.
  6. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    We live in the Cascade foothills in Western Oregon. Those are AZ bulls.
  7. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    Yes, that is their camp. My nephew shot his bull Friday.
  8. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    Last year's bulls
  9. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    No unbroken pics of the bull. I know the chances are very bad at getting it, but the chance was zero if I didn't ask. He did not make a scouting trip this year. We are from Oregon, so a scouting trip is a big committment. 3 of us had the same tag last year. My brother and his two boys drew again this year. I made a scouting trip last year and I actually saw the bull I ended up killing.
  10. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    I don't have any other pics of his bull yet. The intact antler had no 3rd, but as you can see the broken antler has a 3rd. The intact antler would be a 7pt if it had a 3rd.
  11. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    My Nevada bull before and after repair.
  12. Extrapale

    Broken bull

    First post here for me I think. My brother shot this nice bull in six B this week. I thought I'd share with you guys. Also, long shot I know, but I will ask anyway. If someone has the broken antler, I would compensate you to be able to get it reunited with the rest of the rack. My brother is driving home now, and knows nothing about this. I thought it wouldnbe cool to give to him for Christmas. I actually passed a broken bull in Nevada in 2015. My brother later found the broken antler a few miles away. We were able to find the bull againbthe next evening, and my taxi put it back together.