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  1. AverysAdventures

    Pig video 12 year old young lady

    That's great, it's always fun taking the kids. I love my Grendel builds!
  2. AverysAdventures

    Ticks and javelina

    Maybe the Texas heart shot..
  3. AverysAdventures

    Last Day pig

    That's cool, great job!
  4. AverysAdventures

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    Congratulations on your first one. I hope I can join the club one of these days.
  5. AverysAdventures

    1st Javelina HAM Hunt

    So cool. Can't wait to get down there and give it a try this week.
  6. AverysAdventures

    Who is crazy enough to chase goats with a smokepole

    Points - wow I'm glad Idaho hasn't went to a points system.
  7. AverysAdventures

    Who is crazy enough to chase goats with a smokepole

    In ID a rifle tag is almost impossible to draw. A muzzleloader tag has slightly better odds but we are all traditional here. All lead bullets (no sabots), loose powder, caps or flint (no 209), open sights and exposed ignition. Got a decent buck in '16 at 40 yards and a small buck last fall at 90 yards. Lyman GPH or Traditions Hawken in .54 for me. If we don't draw then we can always get an archery tag. We go all spot and stalk because sitting in a blind bores me. It's tuff and I've never got one with a bow but my son did his first year trying it.
  8. AverysAdventures

    pig videos

    That's cool. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your success. Rod
  9. AverysAdventures

    Last day Javi

    Great job on getting it done. I really appreciate you taking the time to post that first picture. Being new to this stink pig thing pictures like that are a big help to me. Rod
  10. AverysAdventures

    Pops javelina

    That's awesome. The kid and I are coming down to give it a go during the rifle season. We have no idea what we are doing but hopefully we can get into a few.
  11. AverysAdventures

    2019 SnowPig

    Very cool, congratulations!
  12. AverysAdventures

    Tagged out!! X2!

    That's awesome, congratulations!