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  1. itstoopricyforme

    Leica 7x42BA Trinovid $400 shipped

    If you change your mind, Ill offer you your $400 shipped price. fieldpeektechnique@gmail.com No pressure, thanks. The price is fair and I would use them for the same purpose, the truck.
  2. itstoopricyforme

    Leupold, Burris, Redfields (11 Total)

    The following items are for sale with $20 shipping per shipment to CONUS: Leupold -VX II 6-18 target dot and turrets/ AO matte, sunshade $460 -Vari X IIc 3x9 AO Gloss $300 -Vari X 3x9 AO compact gloss $340 -Vari X 3x9 EFR AO Gloss $350 -M8 6x gloss $180 -VARI X II 3-9 non-AO gloss 85% $150 -BR-36x target dot and turrets gloss AO $530 -redfield 2x-7x PCH reticle gloss NIB with manual (box tattered) $250 -Burris 3-9 gloss $160 -redfield LOPRO Wide angle 3-9 gloss $140; -2-7 LOPRO Wide angle 2-7 $130 fieldpeektechnique@gmail.com (615) seven one four 829 six - Located in Jerseyville, IL
  3. itstoopricyforme

    Kimber 82C 22LR w/ Scope

    Red Rabbit Are you willing to ship to a Kentucky FFL? If so, fieldpeektechnqiue@gmail.com and we can discuss. Thanks