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  1. itstoopricyforme

    Scope Purge- Safe Cleaning (Leupold, Kahles, Burris, Weaver)

    Tennessee correct, but not KY... I've never been so lucky to work as close as one state away from home. Also, Alton IL (my location) is adjacent to STL, which is Missouri, but then again I am no Rand McNally. Buyer discretion is always advised, therefore I am happy to offer a Gunbroker or Ebay listing as desired with buyer paying listing and sale fees. Lastly, and on a funny note, we both have ironic usernames... Thank you
  2. For sale with insured shipping to CONUS absorbed in list price. fieldpeektechnique@gmail.com Ships from ST Louis Missouri. $420 Leupold VX 2 6-18 matte AO duplex reticle $440 Leupold VX II 6-18 Target turrets and target dot AO Matte $410 kahles 6x42 helia S $250 leupold 3-9x40 silver duplex reticle $480 Leupold gloss EFR 6.5-20 AO Target turrets fine duplex $500 Leupold silver 6-18 VARI XIIc duplex $320 leupold compact 3-9 gloss AO duplex $160 Burris gloss 6x non-ao duplex $400 Leupold BR-36x gloss target dot $180 Leupold M8-6x gloss duplex $180 redfield LOPRO wide angle 2-7 duplex gloss $200 redfield LOPRO wide angle 3-9 duplex gloss $160 Burris 3-9 gloss non-ao duplex gloss $180 leupold 3-9 non-ao gloss duplex $340 leupold VX 2 4-12x40 matte fine duplex /box $150 bushnell 3-9x40 legend HD/ box duplex
  3. itstoopricyforme

    Leica 7x42BA Trinovid $400 shipped

    If you change your mind, Ill offer you your $400 shipped price. fieldpeektechnique@gmail.com No pressure, thanks. The price is fair and I would use them for the same purpose, the truck.
  4. itstoopricyforme

    Leupold, Burris, Redfields (11 Total)

    The following items are for sale with $20 shipping per shipment to CONUS: Leupold -VX II 6-18 target dot and turrets/ AO matte, sunshade $460 -Vari X IIc 3x9 AO Gloss $300 -Vari X 3x9 AO compact gloss $340 -Vari X 3x9 EFR AO Gloss $350 -M8 6x gloss $180 -VARI X II 3-9 non-AO gloss 85% $150 -BR-36x target dot and turrets gloss AO $530 -redfield 2x-7x PCH reticle gloss NIB with manual (box tattered) $250 -Burris 3-9 gloss $160 -redfield LOPRO Wide angle 3-9 gloss $140; -2-7 LOPRO Wide angle 2-7 $130 fieldpeektechnique@gmail.com (615) seven one four 829 six - Located in Jerseyville, IL
  5. itstoopricyforme

    Kimber 82C 22LR w/ Scope

    Red Rabbit Are you willing to ship to a Kentucky FFL? If so, fieldpeektechnqiue@gmail.com and we can discuss. Thanks