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    Super Raffle tag buck...

    After reading Bryans post I have no doubt that was the experience he himself encountered that day. A guy looking for a big buck who gets a phone call about one that was found and he is interested and willing to pay to kill it. I am 100% for the business aspect of hunting and 100% for the everyday person who chooses to do it without a guide. There are so many talented individuals that have the ability and skill to locate great animals for people. Whether they are paid or unpaid. The reality is their will always be folks who have the resources and are willing to pay. I see nothing wrong with that. You absolutely sound like a stand up guy Bryan and I truly hope you get to kill a monster. I also have no doubt with your classy approach from one simple forum that you will be successful in your hunting life. One key piece of the story that I cannot agree with is Ben’s feelings in this matter. Although I don’t know him personally and I am sure he is a nice guy and bummed about the turn out. Life it full of humbling experiences. I have been on both sides of that. We get to take those experiences and learn from them and they can define us. This has nothing to do with Bryan, A3, the type of tag, or any other guide on that hill but more so the accuracy of how you really “found” that deer. There are times in life when big pay out’s and long standing relationships come to the forefront. We all get to make a choice as to which fork in the road to take. Making that choice is something we ourselves get to live with. I was raised a little differently. It was once explained to me that no relationship or break in trust is worth any animal. World record or spike. Free or paid. I still believe that. Although the hills go for miles, hunting is a small world. Many folks put in days and hours of sweat to find these animals. They choose to put trust in people with their hunting spots and their deer. With the hopes that they will be there to cheer them on in the end. Sometimes that doesn’t work out for good people and sometimes it does. In this case it did. It could have been very different and maybe the timing wasn’t as accurate as both parties would have liked and there were other people involved in the process who I am certain had no clue but I do feel like a lesson in honesty and loyalty was served that day. Whether it was discussed there or in the heads of the ones that tried to pull it off. The sad part is its a big deer but no friendship break or payout is worth that. Hopefully most can move on from this and all can go back to doing what they are good at and love. Hunting.
  2. MAZ1000

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    Did anyone happen to ask "lets call him Ben" how he found the buck in the first place? Curious? Archery hunting right. He found it then? A week before. This beast of a buck you are trying to sell to an outfitter for a big ole price tag...you found just a week before. "lets call him Ben" is that true... I mean...is it? If so... He is so lucky. You lucky duck. So THEN...it gets better Adams and his guides just happened to show up on the same mountain like a bunch of unethical dudes and shoot it right from underneath him as he was walking there. Because they randomly got a call about A3 looking for permits? They move quick. So they rushed right in and shot the deer one of their guides had originally found after "lets call him ben" had been climbing his little heart out to kill it. Really. Get the heck out of here! Im curious. I feel like there are some missing details. Were they sleeping on that mountain? Were they on the same hill? If your spotter had the big buck...Was he looking in another direction? If so why had they not shot? How long till the shot? They were on their way? Like on the way a few steps or on their way hill sides over. On the way on a plane? Whats the standard wait time on a buck you originally find, gets sold out by a friend, and their not being an actual shooting hunter "shooting" but a spotter on every hill? So spotters call dibs on bucks they didn't find? So they just sit down and shoot it in 30 minutes or an hour? Hour far away were they again? I mean where were ya? Im confused.....AND Only a few of you were there right? On every mountain? ON two mountains. Just trying to process. But just a few and no dead buck. I saw mentioned it wasn't the standard 15 guys maybe 5, 6 or 7 or so. Just setting up shop and an old guy came in and 30 minutes later just snagged it right from under you and tried to "give smoke and mirrors" with a phone call about optics. FAKE NEWS. I read your story CJJOHNSON and its laid out pretty well. I mean if I didn't know both sides you may have me half way convinced that Adams was a snake. Shoot it sounds pretty dang good. I think...Your argument is ethics with a little peppered in name calling too... but mostly ethics. Thats pretty bold word to throw out there considering your source...again asking "lets call him Ben" about his ethics when it comes to old school hunting moral and this buck right here. Not that it matters. Im gonna consider your source. Lame. You ARE POUNDING posts where people are validating the history of ethics about the guy you are calling a "snake" You-"I don't want to hear about all the ethical things the guy (Duwane) has done. I want want to hear about that one story I'm telling you all that doesn't add up and stick right there...im gonna stick right there....But calling me CJJOHNSON, us, haters, jelly, thats old news." This is about ethics and doing the right thing. Ben? Ya there. Doing the right thing? So yeah. Lastly, You said "#3 change your mind" I think its pretty made up dude. I also think its Pretty Foolish. I don't see much slandering coming from the other side. Id say Bigger people maybe. Solid folks. No he doesn't rock my baby or change my tires. OLD NEWS. I guess we will leave the details up to the men on the mountain and God. Seems if I had to evaluate your story he kinda pulled through for the right folks at the right time. Anyways, What a great story. You should start a novel series about it. Fiction of course. What a great deer.
  3. MAZ1000

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    Now were talking Wait don't talk about Duwane's ethics. Ethics mean nothing. According to a few of these special folks It doesn't matter what he is KNOWN for. Only thing that matters is their "shady" not adding up story.
  4. MAZ1000

    Super Raffle tag buck...