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  1. patricklinn

    Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope--SOLD

    Sorry my number is 9283589013
  2. patricklinn

    Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope--SOLD

    I'm interested in the scope. I have family in payson for pick up.can you text me your number please.
  3. patricklinn

    Cleaning out the shed

    I will take the bed cover. Like I said I'm in show low so I wont be able to get it until Friday or Saturday. I will message you to get the details on what works for you to pick it up.
  4. patricklinn

    Cleaning out the shed

    Interested in the bed cover does it need any hardware. I live in show low and I wouldn't be able to pick it up until friday or saturday
  5. patricklinn


    Do you still have the tent cot for sale
  6. patricklinn

    Savage Creedmore / Burris Veracity scope Sold

    Very interested is there any way I can call or text you?
  7. patricklinn

    Rem sps Nikon 20x56 CBE bow sight

    New never fired Remington sps 30-06 300.00. Nikon monarch 20x56 binoculars. Excellent condition 530.00 obo. CBE tek hybrid pro 5 pin bow sight 200.00.
  8. patricklinn

    CBE tek hybrid pro

    I have a CBE trk hybrid pro 5 pin sight for sale.8 months old in great condition. 250.00 obo.