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  1. Macallan12

    Coues killer for sale(SOLD)

    Rifle is SOLD.Thanks everyone
  2. I'm sold on December in Mexico. I treat it like an Oct. Arizona hunt. Being able to get first crack at them, they've not been shot at so their out and about. I've had luck 2x during this month
  3. Macallan12

    Coues killer for sale(SOLD)

    Custom 280ai, Stiller tac 30 action.trigger tech flat shoe, 26' fluted broughton 3b barrel, manners stock. 13lb rifle. I have Hornady brass and loaded factory Hornady 162gr Hornady Precision. Rifle built by Tooter Meredith, Athens, Alabama. Pics can be sent if u text me @254-952-7389. Price $1800 firm. I'm located in Texas but in Arizona numerous times during the year. I have references if needed. Thanks
  4. Macallan12

    Coues killer for sale

    Text me and I'll send u pics. 254-952-7389
  5. Macallan12

    Coues killer for sale

    I'm in Texas but in Tucson alot. I have references in Arizona. I'm will to transport to Arizona
  6. Macallan12

    Coues killer for sale

  7. Custom 280ai, manners stock, trigger tech flat shoe, 3b fluted barrel, muzzle break and Stiller Tac 30 action. Built by Meredith Rifles, Athens, Alabama. Can hand deliver to Tucson. Text me for pics. Also have Hornady once fired brass for reloading and some Hornady 162gr Hornady Precision factory ammo. $1800. 13lb rifle, I'm located in Texas but willing to transport to Arizona. I'm there alot throughout the year.