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  1. CouesCartel

    Swarovski 15x56 non HD

  2. CouesCartel

    Wtt 6.5 prc 147s for 143s

    Oh dang, that's my bad. I never saw it lol. Its all good though. I'm in no rush for the ammo so I'll keep looking. Sorry about all that
  3. CouesCartel

    Wtt 6.5 prc 147s for 143s

    I never got a message come through. Its all good though
  4. CouesCartel

    Wtt 6.5 prc 147s for 143s

    Still interested?
  5. Hey man if I can get the ammo to chandler will you be willing to meet a friend there on Monday? He's gonna be at the chandler legacy at 330 pm through the evening some time. 

  6. CouesCartel

    Wtt 6.5 prc 147s for 143s

    I'm in Mesa. We could meet up somewhere
  7. CouesCartel

    Wtt 6.5 prc 147s for 143s

    Wanting to trade a box of 147s I have for a box of 143s. Missing 3 rounds from a test group
  8. CouesCartel

    6.5 PRC ELDX for 6.5 PRC ELDM

    I have a box missing 3 rounds of 147s I'm looking to swap for 143s I just posted on here. Shoot me a text if interested JD 928-243-3131
  9. CouesCartel

    6.5 prc ammo

    I have a box of hornady 147 eldm 6.5 prc I'm wanting to trade to someone for a box of 143 eldx. It's missing 3 rounds from box from test group. My rifle doesn't like em but loves 143s. Let me know!
  10. CouesCartel

    6.5 prc

    Anyone have a couple of boxes of 6.5 prc hornady 147 eldm they want to sell?
  11. CouesCartel

    ***Sold*** Swarovski 15x56 Binoculars

    Nvm I saw it says sold.. my bad
  12. CouesCartel

    ***Sold*** Swarovski 15x56 Binoculars

    I'll take em
  13. CouesCartel

    Swarovski 15x56 bino covers?

    Maybe I'll try and look into getting some made
  14. CouesCartel

    Swarovski 15x56 bino covers?

    I saw the old link on here for the guard dog one but thought there would be other companies that made them too