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  1. Island Boy

    **WANTED** Kifaru Fusion

    Still looking. Please reach out with anything Kifaru in Fusion. Many thanks.
  2. Island Boy

    Another scam-curtis78

    I was looking around to trying to figure out how to contact admin. He did the same to me, or at least tried. I'm happy to tell anyone what he did but he needs to be gone. I don't participate on forums much at all, but I'm not a newbie.
  3. Island Boy

    **WANTED** Kifaru Fusion

    Hi, I am looking for anything in Fusion from Kifaru. Internal frame packs, bags, accessories. Will pay top dollar. Please text at 770-639-0369. TIA
  4. Island Boy

    Exo 3500 pack

    I will take it. I'm new to the forum so not sure how is best to communicate. I will pm you.