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  1. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Well I found some this morning. Near the red and white towers on Florence Kelvin hwy. Too far for a shot but a nice heard none the less and ran into a heard of deer nice morning out Thank You for the Help
  2. DJQuick

    Lion hunting closed in 21, 22, 23, 24 A&B

    Why there are too many out there.
  3. DJQuick

    Daily/Hunting and Fishing Rig

    I have an 07 Silverado 4wd but been wanting something different going to give the pickup to my oldest boy. What you all thinking? Something I can drive out there not a tow toy. Thank You
  4. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Wow Thank You so much. I haven’t been that far over in years dated a girl from Kearny back in the day her uncles would run around all that area. We would fish the Gila near the black bridge as well. Man Good times Thanks Again
  5. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Sounds like picket post it is how are the roads I have 4wd just wondering and do I enter off the 60?
  6. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Oh ok no not yet. On the right correct after Florence Junction. I was going to take a cruise down Florence Kelvin and hit them hills in the AM. I might go out to Picket Post instead
  7. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    I second you on the quail comment Saguaro seen only 2 of those in months. Where is this picket post trphy?
  8. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Yep camped on 96 hunted there and freeman and barkerville. Seen only one small heard of 3 in the flats but couple years back during my deer hunt I couldn’t stop running into them go figure
  9. DJQuick

    JAVELINA 37B ?

    Where are they ? Hunted for 5 days with my Pops and Son. Seen plenty of deer go figure and even a Bobcat but no piggies.