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  1. SonnyK

    Miss me Bitches

    Yeah man, we miss you. RIP Delw.
  2. SonnyK


    Wow... hoping its fake news too. This really sucks if it isn't. Delw was a good guy, great family man... Godspeed man, RIP. Delbonics will live on.... Prayers to his family.
  3. SonnyK

    NM Unit 17 Youth ML

    There's elk all over that unit. Not sure where your coming in from but if it was me, I'd hunt the northern part of the unit between the 52 and 107. I'd avoid anything east of the 107. Any forest road on the north end (220, 549, 473, ???) should get you a decent location for base camp and into the elk. Best of luck to your son.
  4. Dibs. Text sent.
  5. SonnyK

    Fires fires fires

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwTMx-xiOCc <-- couldnt embed this one, try copy and paste if it dont work or search "Aerials over the Rafael Fire burning near Flagstaff" from 3tv, about 17 minutes of aerial coverage. Channel 12 coverage below... scary sheet for sure.
  6. SonnyK

    .44 cal 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets

    Yep, exactly what the Hornady reloading manual says to do, shorten the case to a predetermined length when using FTX bullets. States the ogive is to long and will interfere with chambering if the case is not shortened, which also reduces case capacity.
  7. SonnyK

    50 Cal Explodes in Face

    Like Eddie said, the guy has that youtube channel and did a real good analysis about what happened... Luck was on his side on that unlucky day. Still scary stuff.
  8. SonnyK

    COVID Vaccine Info

    If God wanted us to have "air filters" we'd have wingnuts on our foreheads.
  9. SonnyK

    Misc for Sale

    I'll take the primers and 10mm dies if still available. Can meet whenever where ever.
  10. SonnyK

    A bunch of BS!

    Had the same thing happen to me today. Wife called to say our card was used in a fraudulent transaction and the CC company called her. I asked which card and she said visa. I replied "well *$&#&, there goes the elk hunt chance this year." Guess I wont call G&F tomorrow like i had planned... Sorry to hear, but you are not alone. On the bright side, my wife did also say "well *$&#&'em, lets go hunt elk in Colorado then"
  11. SonnyK

    18,000 new elk apps

    How many put in that actually want to hunt? Cant help but wonder how many commiefornians/peta-suppositories put in for the draw, only to not use the license if they do draw.... alternate way to "save the planet/animals"
  12. SonnyK

    Ruger MK II Gov Target Stainless

    Sent you a DM 3 days ago.
  13. SonnyK


    Ha. glad I'm not the only one with USPS issues... Sent a package to my sister in Cortez CO last week from Mesa... It's been in San Francisco CA since last Wednesday... WTH ??? Had similar issues with packages coming out of Detroit. For the record, I wish none of us were having these issues...then again, gov't run , what do we expect.
  14. SonnyK


    Merry Christmas everyone 🎅