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  1. SonnyK

    1965 Marlin 444

    pm sent
  2. SonnyK

    SPF: Glock G40 10mm Package

    pm sent
  3. SonnyK

    444 Marlin SS

    Just wondering if this is still available. If so could you post some pictures.
  4. SonnyK


    Dibs on the Ruger Redhawk if still available. PM sent
  5. SonnyK


    PM sent as well
  6. SonnyK


    Dibs on the .380 if no one else has claimed it yet.
  7. SonnyK

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    WalkingBird, if you dont mind me asking, whereabouts did you find the birds at? Congrats too.
  8. SonnyK

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    No. We found no evidence of birds at all. No sign no tracks, Did not hear a gobble or anything.
  9. SonnyK

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who chimed in with comments and advice. No score for us but still had a great time with my kid. Maybe next time.
  10. SonnyK

    Bosque Del Apache youth hunt

    We usually see turkeys in the south end of the refuge. My brother is hunting them south of the refuge and has been seeing and talking to them but has yet to put one down.
  11. SonnyK

    turkey downI

    That's a nice for sure Bob. Congrats.
  12. SonnyK

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    New unit for me but long story short, went out opening weekend and hit the area south and west and around Kendrick Peak (Pumpkin Center ?) pretty hard scouting/hunting for birds for my son and I. No sign of birds anywhere. Checked every water tank, not a sign to be found. Called occasionally and nothing. Did see one other hunter who was having similar results. Just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for the late hunt as I’d like to get my son on some birds, well at least one. I did manage to see some deer and elk and also had a big bear cross my path at dusk… that was awesome. Thanks in advance.
  13. SonnyK

    FS 20GA Double Barrel

    Cash in hand IF not claimed yet.