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  1. Jeffdavison

    Utah Pauns Rifle Management hunt

    PM me and can let you know what we found
  2. Jeffdavison

    Utah Pauns Rifle Management hunt

    I had the tag in 2017. Shot a average buck. Saw plenty of giants that were off limits.
  3. Jeffdavison

    Tuesday Turkey

    My story started on opening day of the 1st hunt in 19a. I got a call from game and fish asking if I would like a returned tag. Saying I was next in line on the draw. I took it of course even though the hunt had started already. I started my hunt Sunday morning. After getting busted by a tom on the 1st stand and hearing 2 others I headed home for the day. My next chance would be Tuesday morning. I went to spots where I hunted on a previous tag and got one down early. Making it to work on time.
  4. Jeffdavison

    Unit 21 herd

    I took this buck in 2016. Call me at9285335617 and I can let you know what we found on my hunt.
  5. Jeffdavison

    Unit 21 herd

  6. Jeffdavison

    Where are the crappie pics?

    We got a few at Alamo on April 7th. Going back for more this weekend.
  7. Jeffdavison

    How much you gotta spend?

    I use the the $100 Foxpro Spitfire with great success. I have taken coyotes, foxes and many bobcats. I took my first Mt. Lion with it last fall.
  8. Jeffdavison

    Pronghorn Hits?

    13b with 4 points
  9. Jeffdavison

    How many tags will they sell now?

    I will always have one. I filled my 2018 tag after glassing one while scouting for my sons deer hunt.
  10. Jeffdavison

    Pronghorn Hits?

    I drew 5B rifle in 2010 with 17points. Unit 21 rifle in 2016 with 7 points. I drew a rifle tag again this year with 4 points. Hoping it’s my 1st choice. 5B