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  1. Jeffdavison

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    She tasted great. I had more requests for it from friends than all the deer I’ve taken
  2. Jeffdavison

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Neither. Just regular #4s
  3. Jeffdavison

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    I called in this cat after glassing it up 1st. My son and I watched it until she left through a saddle. Then made a hike to get close. She came in after a few minutes but from behind us. I took this cat with a shotgun up close.
  4. Jeffdavison

    Hunting Access From Highways

    Two years ago I had just parked my truck on I17 south of 169. As my son and I walked away a officer pulled in behind us and waved us back. He told me to write a note that I was out hunting and put it on my windshield. And he wouldn’t bother us.
  5. Jeffdavison

    My Lion mount

    It was a electric call. We had glassed the lion 1st while scouting for deer. It surprised us by coming in from behind us.I shot it with my shotgun using # 4s. I mostly target fox and bobcat in this spot. We took a few fox in this spot the week before taking the Mountain Lion.
  6. Jeffdavison

    My Lion mount

    Brian Fisher in Prescott
  7. Jeffdavison

    My Lion mount

    It came in from behind us at about 2 minutes. That’s the mount outside.
  8. Jeffdavison

    My Lion mount

    I’ve been saving this spot for a Mountain Lion mount if I ever got one. I took this cat in central Arizona after calling it in with my son Roy. I think it came out great.
  9. Jeffdavison

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

  10. Jeffdavison


    We’ve managed to catch a few this year.
  11. Jeffdavison


    38 Miles
  12. Jeffdavison

    The trophy room!

    Mine are all good. I have a couple of open 5 gallon buckets with water. I think it helps?
  13. Jeffdavison

    The trophy room!

    It’s a local buck I took in 2015. We are fortunate to be able to scout and hunt close to home. I switched over from Coues deer to Muleys after glassing a few of these. I’m ready to go back for Coues now after taking a few good mule deer.
  14. Jeffdavison

    The trophy room!

    The rest are in my garage. Waiting on a mountain lion mount to be done.