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    97 F250 Ext Cab 4x4 7.3

    I messaged him back in august and never got an answer so it must have sold
  2. Got a S&W performance center 357 I’m looking to sell. 7 shooter. comes with: 500 rounds .357 (hand loads). 600 rounds .38 special (hand loads) Some brass, extra bullets for loading and a little bit of h110 powder (guessing about 4 oz left) and about 12oz 296 ball powder) also RCBS 3 die carb set for loading 357/38spl 29 tks moon clips tks moon clip load/unload tool Speedbeez kydex holster Asking $1500 OBO. Will need to see AZ driver’a license or CCW 602 five seven seven zero 143
  3. Gueroult

    OnX Elite Vortex Razor Deal- $500 off

    I’ll take it please! Thank you!
  4. Gueroult

    **SPF** Athlon NEOS 8x42 HD Bino's

    6025770143. Thanks!
  5. Gueroult

    **SPF** Athlon NEOS 8x42 HD Bino's

    Do you ever come out to the west valley?
  6. Gueroult

    $350 rifle FOR SALE TC compass 308

    Killed my elk with this rifle in .308 a few years ago. GLWS
  7. Gueroult

    1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ *SOLD*

    Price drop $4500
  8. Gueroult

    1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ *SOLD*

    Kits all yours for $5500 😅
  9. Gueroult

    1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ *SOLD*

    Weekend bump
  10. Gueroult

    WTS S&W 686 “plus” 5 inch - Price Update

    Not too well at this point lol
  11. Gueroult

    WTS S&W 686 “plus” 5 inch - Price Update

    Sorry currently selling as a package. I don’t have anything else that’s shoots these cartridges and don’t want to piece it all out.
  12. Gueroult

    WTS S&W 686 “plus” 5 inch - Price Update

    Don’t be shy, make me an offer if you like what you see
  13. Gueroult


    I’m looking to buy a camera set up for my wedding trip to Alaska this upcoming June. Let me know if you’re selling anything. Thanks!
  14. Gueroult

    Dental Work

    How convenient that there is a dental thread already started. I’m in dental hygiene school at Mesa community college and am looking for patients to do cleanings on. Our clinic offers reduced fees (and also takes insurance) so if you are interested send me a PM! Or my number is (602) 767-2765. Thanks all 👍
  15. Gueroult

    Vortex Ranger 1000 SOLD

    Where are you located?
  16. Hey all, sent in my spotter for warranty and received a new one because the old one was not able to be repaired. I have decided to sell because I have decided I am fine without a spotter. First $750 takes it. Thanks!