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  1. Kennethwo

    120" Coues and a Double Coues Pedestal

    Do you know what's better than one buck? Well, two bucks, of course.
  2. Kennethwo

    Unit 22 Lifesize Ram

    The mount is just pure perfection!
  3. Hmm, that actually looks good.
  4. Hmm, he seems to be looking at your direction as well. Looks like he wants some privacy on his "summer time hangout."
  5. Kennethwo

    Macro Photography

    Oh wow! This is like National Geographic's level of quality. Amazing!
  6. Kennethwo

    2019 Coues Video

    That's a great video! Thanks for sharing, OpticNerd!
  7. Kennethwo

    Funky Rack

    I vote for him running into a tree. Not rare, to be honest.
  8. Kennethwo


    Was reading this thread randomly and spit out at my coffee near the end. Funny s**t indeed.
  9. Kennethwo

    Coues or Mule Deer

    Hmm, might have to check out that book. Thanks!
  10. Kennethwo

    Hunting for who?

    I see. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Kennethwo

    Hunt for More SEASON 2

    Hmm, I think he hasn't posted ever since.
  12. Yeah, it's definitely been a while.
  13. Kennethwo

    Found blind and camera in unit 33

    Hmm, I wonder who left it there?
  14. Kennethwo

    Easy Meals while camping?

    Thanks for the tip, fellas! This is definitely helpful.
  15. Kennethwo

    Looking for a roofer East Valley

    Hmm, might cousin Bob might need one as well.