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  1. Kennethwo

    Cool Deadhead

    Now, that's a work of art.
  2. Kennethwo

    Gunsmith or apprentice practice

    Hmm, might as well take note of his contact number. Thanks!
  3. Kennethwo

    What do EV owners do now?

    Well, that solves everything.
  4. Kennethwo

    Whats In A Name

    Me, I'm simply Kenneth. It's Kennethwo since my middle name is Wilbur and my last name is Owens.
  5. Kennethwo

    for all kids on this forum

    Do they still hold these archery events upto this day?
  6. Nice! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Kennethwo

    Fun in the woods

    Oh wow! You have great dogs, Nikki!
  8. Kennethwo

    Lucky morning!

    Now that's freakin' amazing!
  9. Kennethwo

    how do you display your sheds

    Hahaha! Very much like my teenage kids.
  10. Kennethwo

    New Garmin in reach units are coming out.

    I haven't. Might as well wait for someone to give an official feedback about it.
  11. Kennethwo

    What maps do you Use?

    Nice! I'll check out their site. Thank you very much!
  12. Kennethwo

    Need a AZ Topo? Free Download suitable for a GPS

    Etrex 20 has been acting up again, I see.
  13. Kennethwo

    Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer

    Oh, too bad it has been discontinued. I was planning to purchase it as well.
  14. Kennethwo

    Music - Songs for the drive

    It's a full album of Metallica and Sublime for me.
  15. Kennethwo

    Hiking socks- what do you use

    Hmm, I might as well try it out.