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  1. First a little background. I learned to hunt in the Midwest so essentially preparing land and sitting in tree stands. I have been out here 5 years and have spent as much time as possible out trying to find deer and pigs with some success but with a young child and busy work schedule my time is somewhat limited. I have focused a lot of my hunting in 22 just below payson as the proximity means I can spend more time in the field. Recently I have been looking to try getting into some of the wilderness areas as everyone I have spoken to says your best chances are to get away from anywhere where vehicles can get to. I am looking at the southern part of the mazaltan wilderness across the highway from the bushnell tanks access. I think I have found some places to scout and put up cameras but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this area. Not looking for anyone’s spots just want know if anyone has hunted this area and if it worth my time to start scouting or if there are suggestions where to start.