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  1. Hey everyone! This is my first post in this forum, but I've really appreciated being able to read all the historical posts in here. Truly a wealth of knowledge amongst all the members. I’m new to Coues, but with experience, I’ll be sure to re-pay with my own contributions. I think my extended schedule will leave me free and clear to spend the whole month of January in Arizona with the otc archery tag in my pocket. This hunt might be my last of the upcoming year, but I'm already exciting for it. After researching, a few questions have formed in my mind: 1. Biggest things that a novice to Coues and sky-islands ecosystems but otherwise a decently experienced bowhunter and backpacker would benefit from knowing. 2. Recommendations for structuring where/how a person with an otc tag and all the time free should spending time over the duration of the month. Pick one area and go deep down the single well with it and know each blade of grass? Cover country then dig in to a place I like only after having seen more? Find a few strong doe groups and move on to find more others, building up a database to check back for bucks later in the month? Just pick the places that look like fun to backpack into and spend 4-5 days, then move from plan A – F like so? Zoomed out strategy stuff like that. Or, how would you approach the full hunt if you had all the time free and a strong backpacking ability? 3. Thoughts on how to mentally and physically approach stalking Coues deer during the rut. 4. Glassing and optics tips - I currently use 8x42 Vortex Diamondback and a Vanguard Endeavor 15-45x65 spotter with SLIK Sprint Pro II – currently have a ball head, I’m looking to get a lightweight fluid head for filming. If I don't upgrade the binos before then, on 1 to 10 scale, how badly will I wish I had?
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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    I trained for awhile and was on my way to blue belt. Went to a tournament and dislocated my shoulder in the championship match. I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull a bow for hunting season, but healed up and came back to training. I do really like bjj and would really enjoy training again, but ended up making a hard decision to focus more exclusively on hunting as its my first passion. I had to be real with myself that if I kept training I'd probably eventually have an injury that would keep me off the mountain or maybe contribute to cutting hunting years on the backend ( was proving to be a little injury prone ). I'd recommend anyone considering it to train bjj and train hard and smart. Its really fun, and for someone needing to increase fitness levels but doesn't enjoy traditional training methods, its a fantastic option. Classes just fly by but can be a very intense workout. I just made a decision to put all my focus and funds into one thing. I'll probably come back to bjj in time though.
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    First time

    I've been able to learn a ton through listening to podcasts. The Meateater Podcast, The Hunt Backcountry Podcast, and the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast would be good ones to start with and really could help with the learning curve imo. And just getting out whatever chance you get.