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  1. ArcherAndy

    SKB Bow Case

  2. ArcherAndy

    Ruger American 7mm-08

  3. 2012 Elite Answer with a matching tight spot quiver. 50-60lbs, 29" inch modules installed but I do have a set of 27" that will come as extras if needed. Will also come with 1 extra string and 1 extra buss cable. $350. One of Elites best bows IMO. Price is for the bare bow, quiver, extra mods, and extra string and cable. I will be keeping the sight, rest, stabilizer and the peep. I also have the original side plates for the grip as well that will go with it.
  4. ArcherAndy

    Ruger American 7mm-08

  5. ArcherAndy

    SKB Bow Case

    Of course you are, everybody on this forum lives out there or Mesa it seems. I can meet you half way if you want to buy it. If you need me to take pictures of it with my bows in it I can do that as well. The only split limb bow I have though is a Bowtech Reign 7.
  6. ArcherAndy

    SKB Bow Case

    This is a double bow case so I can't imagine your bow not fitting. I have put two bows in it and closed it just fine. I live in NW Peoria. Where are you located?
  7. ArcherAndy

    SKB Bow Case

  8. ArcherAndy

    Ruger American 7mm-08

  9. ArcherAndy

    2018 Bowtech Realm Black

  10. ArcherAndy

    Bowtech Realm (Black) 70#

  11. ArcherAndy

    SKB Bow Case

  12. ArcherAndy

    Ruger American 7mm-08

  13. ArcherAndy

    Bowtech Realm (Black) 70#

  14. Bare bow Realm in great condition. One small mark under the sight on the riser but that is the only blemish on the bow. Has custom strings from buckslayer. $650.00
  15. ArcherAndy

    Looking to buy a newer used bow

    Bowtech Realm 70lbs. Selling the bare bow.