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  1. Tomh

    Anderson 5th wheel hitch SOLD!

    Check your pm
  2. Tomh

    Outdoorsman long range backpack

    Where are you located
  3. Posting for a buddy. Swarovski ATX with 95 lens and Swarovski neoprene cover. Lenses are scratch free. Only used a couple of times. He lives in Roosevelt. $4,000.00
  4. Tomh

    Swarovski ATX with 95 lens

    No he would like to keep the package complete
  5. I am not in the valley but had both my labs snake trained last year. Best money spent on your dogs. My dogs see any kind of snake now and they haul butt the other way
  6. Tomh

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    You will have a blast on that hunt. I drew that hunt 3 years ago. My hunt was over 45 minutes into opening morning. 10 yard shot with my bow.
  7. Tomh

    Sitka Ascent Pants

    Where are you located at
  8. Tomh

    Anyone use the Hillsound BTR?

    I bought one last year and love it so far. The seat is on the smaller side but you get used to it after a couple times of using it.
  9. Congrats k-rub. I was in there 2 weekends ago to buy a new tripod head and went a couple days ago to buy another base plate and saw the new sign In front of the building.
  10. Tomh


    I drew 35a 3 years ago with 14 points. My old man is sitting at 17 and didn't draw this year
  11. Tomh

    ISO Dog Rattle Snake Training

    Had both my 2 year old labs and our hound snake trained this year. Hound got shocked very little and figured it out real fast. My labs took took multiple shocks before they figured out it wasn't a toy. Best decision I made for those dogs, they see a snake now and haul butt the other way. I am in Tucson so can't help on recommendations but we just went to our local vet that had a snake clinic on a Saturday
  12. Tomh

    Youth hunt velvet

    I was in 35b on Saturday scouting for my daughter's youth hunt and I glassed up 7 bucks and every buck was in full velvet. Should be a fun hunt
  13. Tomh

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo

    What side of town are you in Tucson.
  14. Tomh

    Synthetic grass sales/install

    I have found that spraying simple green first then after I spray it with vinegar works the best for odor. If your base is done right you shouldn't have much issues with odor. The turf odor spray sold at home Depot and Lowes is useless.
  15. Would you be willing to sell the Hornady black ammo?
  16. Tomh

    WTS CVA Scout V2 pistol

    Bump for a fun gun. I have the same gun but in a 6.5. the weight of the gun makes for very little recoil
  17. Tomh

    Weird PM hack?

    I got the same
  18. Tomh

    Best tires for diesel trucks

    I run the nittos on my 2018 2500 and I like them so far. Only put around 20,000 miles on them so far. I am religious above t rotating every 5,000 miles and they are wearing great so far
  19. Tomh

    Elk application not on record

    3-4 years ago I applied for a goulds tag and when the results came out it showed I wasn't drawn. Weeks later I get a call from game and fish saying they lost my application and 20 other people and they were going to talk to the game warden to see if they can do a special draw for 1 tag for the people with the lost application. Fast forward a couple of more weeks and they informed me that no other draw was going to happen and sorry but apply next year again. Seems every year there system has issues.
  20. Tomh

    Swarovski 10x42 HD 2015

    Do you have any plans to come to tucson anytime soon
  21. Tomh

    ISO Waterfowl Shells - 3.5" BB

    I also have the same crane hunt as you and went through this same issue on Sunday. I am in tucson and I spent 3 hours driving all around before I found some. If you make it to tucson the ace at 22nd and kolb has shells but in 3 inch bb.