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  1. Had both my 2 year old labs and our hound  snake trained this year. Hound got shocked very little and figured it out real fast. My labs took took multiple shocks before they figured out it wasn't a toy. Best decision I made for those dogs, they see a snake now and haul butt the other way. I am in Tucson so can't help on recommendations but we just went to our local vet that had a snake clinic on a Saturday

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  2. On 2/2/2021 at 10:32 AM, creed said:

    Wouldn’t it have to go before the commission? I think heck would freeze over before they would award you a tag. I cannot think of any time in the recent past where they awarded a tag to anyone. By the way I do have confirmation numbers but without having record on my portal still makes me nervous. 

    3-4 years ago I applied for a goulds tag and when the results came out it showed I wasn't drawn. Weeks later I get a call from game and fish saying they lost my application and 20 other people and they were going to talk to the game warden to see if they can do a special draw for 1 tag for the people with the lost application. Fast forward a couple of more weeks and they informed me that no other draw was going to happen and sorry but apply next year again. Seems every year there system has issues.