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  1. Tradbow67

    WTB: 300 blackout ammo

    I’ve got lots of brass. Could spare 250. I’m in Flagstaff though. I’ll ship on your dime if interested.
  2. Tradbow67

    CCi 209’s and CCi 200’s

    PM sent
  3. Tradbow67

    WTB CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader

    Cal-Ranch has a couple too. Are you going to shoot pellets or loose powder?
  4. Tradbow67

    Ammo Shortage Ending?

    I bought powder at Cal Ranch in Kingman 2 weeks ago. TAC and H4350 $39 a pound. Been seeing it come in more often. Sportsmans prices got ridiculously expensive ( thanks to being bought by Bass Pro). They’re starting to come down from what I’ve seen. At least stabilizing. Heck, I bought Federal Gold Medal 6.5 Creedmoor at Walmart last week for $27 a box and 30-30 for $19. I think that’s getting back to normal.
  5. Tradbow67

    1000 .452 projectiles in 250 grain

    Where are you located? Thanks!
  6. Tradbow67

    Shipping ammo

    First off I’d like to apologize to Phil Carr. You are correct. Simple rate was for businesses only when I retired. And the UPS customer counter is considered a business account. So yes, UPS does have a flat rate and it has very competitive pricing!! But, UPS small package and UPS freight are not the same. They are still and always will be 2 separate entities.
  7. Tradbow67

    Polaris SxS parts

    Weekend bump!!
  8. Tradbow67

    Polaris SxS parts

    If you ever need an A-arm they run about $140 each for a factory replacement. I’ll let these go for $175 for the front pair and $175 for the rear pair. I’ll do $250 for the front and rear shock/spring assembly. If you’re interested in everything (except for the Empire exhaust) I’d let it all go for $450. I need it gone. Tim 928-853-5295
  9. Tradbow67

    Wtb metal detector

    Check out Tesoro. Made in Prescott.
  10. Tradbow67

    Polaris SxS parts

    Just feeling it out. I have some Polaris SxS A arms, shocks and exhaust that were taken off a brand new atv. These parts have only been used from the dealership to our house garage and then swapped out. I have front and rear A arms from a 2013 XP900. They will fit 2013-2019 Ranger 900 and 2017 Ranger 1000. Side seat grab handles for the 2013 XP900 crew. Front and rear shocks from a 2021 Polaris XT 1000. Side grab handles for a 2021 XP1000 crew. Factory muffler for a 2021 XP1000 crew. Factory soft doors for a 2021 XP1000 crew. And an Empire performance muffler for a 2018 Can-Am HD1000. It may fit other models. Just want to see if anyone could use any of this before I put it on eBay. Checking for interest before posting pictures. Located in Flagstaff. I can meet part way to Phoenix or Camp Verde, Sedona or Cottonwood area.
  11. Tradbow67

    Shipping ammo

    Correct. I was only correcting the post concerning the difference between UPS and UPS freight.
  12. Tradbow67

    Shipping ammo

    As a newly retired UPSer, the last post is incorrect. First off, UPS doesn’t have a flat rate box. You must mean USPS. Second, UPS freight and UPS are 2 different entities. You must mean UPS customer counter. If you’re shipping UPS freight you must have a pallet of ammo!!
  13. Tradbow67

    Shipping ammo

    2nd above post. Hazmat is only required for primers and powder. Assembled ammo only requires ORM-D ((Other Regulated Material Class D)
  14. Tradbow67

    Cat quiver for sale

    Nice! Catquiver III. From the looks of it. Good luck with your sale!
  15. Tradbow67

    WTS 4 Athens compound bows

    Price drop!! $350. Your choice!