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  1. PALEO

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    Thanks for the replies. Looking forward to doing some hunting this coming fall.
  2. PALEO

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    Hey Guys, I was never able to make the hunt. 3 months after my post my Mother was in a bad car accident and spent several weeks in ICU. Soon after she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and required 24 hr. care. We (my wife and I) became her primary care-giver , down a long, horrible road you would have to experience to be able to describe. My beloved Mother passed away May 28, 2022 here at home. So yeah, life happens, along with death. Lots of reason people dont "come back". Maybe I will put in for that 27 Coues tag again this year. Good Luck in the draws!!
  3. PALEO

    NM GMU 27

    I hope the GW is right about big Coues in 27. I have the Dec. 7-15 Rifle tag.
  4. PALEO

    Most Bizzarre Muley shed I have ever seen

    Bonsai.....Looks like a Bonsai tree. Crazy Kool.
  5. Just remember, on arrival at your destination the case will probably NOT come out of the carousel with the other bags. They will bring it out by hand and you may need to pick it up at the airlines baggage handling office. ID will be required. When checking in,,,,be there earlier than normal. Be prepared to deal with snippy airline/TSA people that may be anti gun/hunting. Answer questions directly , do not Add Lib. Ammo in the gun case in original container or a hard plastic (my preference) ammo box. Carry a spare key for the locks, and wouldn't hurt to have a spare set of locks/keys. Put something on your case so you can recognize it a mile away, so someone doesn't sneak out with it.
  6. PALEO

    Draw Results!

    I got a Dec. Tag in 27!!! First Coues tag ever.
  7. PALEO

    New Mexico GMU 26/27

    Hey guys, Been lurking here for a while. Taking this opportunity to finally register and post. I have drawn one of those NR unit 27 rifle tags for December. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. PM's welcome. Longtime Eastern Whitetail hunter with my first Coues Tag!!!! Thanks in advance.