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    05 fleetwood highlander niagra 4kobo

    asking 4kobo. will take 3k cash + 1k trade quality optics, firearms, etc. what you got? will answer questions to the best of my ability. bought it last winter. haven't used it yet. doesn't look like it fits into my life the way it thought it would. thanks for looking text 5203699080 pat
  3. justanotherpunk

    springfield range officer 1911 9mm

    pm's replied to. spf thanks for the add space.
  4. justanotherpunk

    springfield range officer 1911 9mm

    spf bought this and have come to the conclusion I don't really have room/need/want for it. was planning on shooting a competition here and there. been out of the case to load mags and cycle the action cold otherwise its lived in its case, never been fired. includes 3 mags and hard case with all the original paper work, lock, etc. 700$ call text or pm Pat 520.369.9080
  5. justanotherpunk

    07 yamaha R1 open to trades (pics added)

    only bump
  6. I realize this isn't hunting gear but I know many of us have other hobbies. I willing to trade for hunting gear so I think its appropriate. If not nuke the post. 18k miles mechanically sound, fast, fun and truth be told dangerous in the wrong hands. Stock other than two brothers carbon fiber exhaust. willing to take partial trades for high end optics, rifles, over/under 12 gauge, 4x4 quad, maybe a harley but no sportsters, etc. open to offers and enjoy the art of the deal. have no problem horse trading. 4,500 obo Pat 520-3six9-nine080 call text or pm
  7. justanotherpunk

    Optics, firearms, reloading stuff & misc. for sale

    Pm sent on Dillon press
  8. justanotherpunk

    sold please delete

    all sold thanks for the ad
  9. justanotherpunk

    sold please delete

    some of its been around for quite a while but i also know how particular some rifles can be and how hard it can be to keep powder for a favorite pet load.
  10. justanotherpunk

    mossberg trek .243

    pm sent
  11. justanotherpunk

    leica 1600b

  12. justanotherpunk

    leica 1600b

    Bought from a member here on Sunday. Objective lens has some minor scratches that do not impact function at all. I already have a 1000r and I am having buyers remorse. It functions perfectly. I used it monday morning to range deer out past 1200 yards. I just don't think this is the range finder for me. Selling for what i paid even though its worth more than 300$ Includes the original case, strap, box and paperwork. $300 plus the ride if I have to ship it. Will add pictures later today. Call text or pm Pat 520.369.9080
  13. justanotherpunk

    leica 1600b

    Maybe if i play around with it a little more it'll grow on me. I'm in no rush to sell it.
  14. justanotherpunk

    Leica 1600-B

    min range is 10 yards and yes they are great for archery. very easy to use one handed
  15. justanotherpunk

    Remington 700 SPS .243

    pm sent
  16. justanotherpunk

    WTB decent binos - $400

    zeiss terra are completely under rated as well. can be had for under 300$ new. absolutely better value than 300$. i like them way more than my wife's 10x50 viper hd. can't convince her to change or i'd sell you her's and buy the terra.
  17. justanotherpunk

    Cabela's External Frame Backpack

    unless i'm mistaken about this one in the picture. the one i have does all i mentioned. i'm almost 100% positive it's the same one. when you take the pack off the frame you unzip a pouch at the top and pull out the straps allowing you to carry the pack separate from the frame. when not backpacking during a deer hunt i take off the pack and leave just the frame in the truck for when one of us kills.
  18. justanotherpunk

    Cabela's External Frame Backpack

    if this is the same pack i have. looks like it from the pictures. it is awesome for hauling meat or complete animals. i've done my dads entire desert sheep and a few coues bucks. just fold the animal up and tie it down. get to skin it at home all nice and perfect, kept the entire hide in pristine shape. the backpack comes off and has it's own straps so it can be carried out by itself and then the frame has a fold down metal frame shelf. can carry a ton if properly strapped. also allows for a rifle to be properly strapped and protected. also has a padded pocket for spotter. also used for a number of three to five day spike camp type hunts. can haul a ton of gear. free bump for one of the most useful packs i have. sorry don't know how to fix the pictures
  19. justanotherpunk

    Diamondback ar-15 for sale

    pm sent
  20. looking to purchase an older remington trigger for one of those old unsafe rifles. you know the 70's and 80's models that aren't any good =). thanks. let me know what you you have. pat 520.369.9080 text, pm or call
  21. justanotherpunk

    Bad Scope?

    I have had more than one leupold do this out of the blue with heavy recoiling rifles. Fine one day and next time at the range, same type of problems you are describing. No outward signs or visible issues when looking thru the scope either.
  22. justanotherpunk

    Getting stuff to phoenix on 9-17

    headed to phoenix tomorrow. i know what a bitch it can be to get stuff sold on here getting it from one person from another. headed to cabelas from tucson tomorrow and am willing take stuff with me or bring stuff back. pm me if interested. Pat
  23. justanotherpunk

    WTB 280 remington brass (once fired is ok)

    thanks for the heads up 77man. i will call him today. also had wklman (wade) offer up some federal brass for free. class act from someone I don't know.