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    Knife carving is something I like to do with my spare time.

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  1. DustCanyon

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    You were really lucky, or should I say quite talented. I always check my hunting optics before heading out. I know how important it is and I am happy I made it a habit of mine.
  2. DustCanyon

    Ron Robison custom arrows

    Well, those arrows right there just go to show that not all things that are old are to be considered bad.
  3. DustCanyon

    Camo clothing

    It can be easily noted this thread is no more active. It's just that while reading what you were talking about, I got kinda interested and you reminded me of a few things about my hunting trips. The gear I would wear on my first hunting trips... I thought that I could also post my advice on the topic. I couldn't just go by without commenting... So to get back on track. I know that you are suggesting these camo jackets but I have a different jacket in mind that I would like to share with you. I would be more than happy to share what gear I wear on my hunting adventures, currently. So where I live, it's quite windy and chilly. So I needed protection against wind, I also prefer that my coats be made mostly out of Polyester. After a long view of many reviews and suggestions, I looked at a review http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g5m_ebBxr4 and I felt sure that I would be happy with "Walker and Hawkes Men's Derby Tweed Shooting Hunting Country jacket." I've had many suggestions from other fellow hunters of the community and friends in my life. Checking the comparisons at: http://huntingfishingplus.com/best-wool-hunting-jackets/ I understood more on the product, which helped me come to a choice. I must say, I am more than happy with what I got. Heck, the jacket has 3 layers, it’s waterproof and windproof. What else does a hunter need, or any person? I hope I helped someone in deciding what gear to purchase in the end as I know it's quite important.
  4. When the heck was happening last year? No way would YouTube "shut down" guns on their site.
  5. Seems a little bit too expensive for me to be honest. I'm quite happy with my FFP tactical scope that I got for around 200$. It’s certainly a powerful optic and it offers you a nice wide 4 to 14 power magnification range.
  6. DustCanyon

    Looking for Cell Phone tripod for picture taking

    I have a Xenvo SquidGrip iPhone Tripod which is really handy. It's utterly perfect. The squid legs are strong but flexible and, unlike some of the other squid-like apparatus, retain their straight legs and are easy to pack in a camera gear backpack or bag.