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  1. jacksimonton

    Understanding Generic Earplugs

    I think electronic earplugs are better than generic earplugs for shooting. The generic earplugs block the sound to the entrance to the ear so that a shooter doesn't hear anything. But the electronic earplugs don't block the sound. It only prevents the extra noise and gives a limited sound to the ear according to our needs. https://www.bigearinc.com/products/best-ear-protection-for-shooting
  2. jacksimonton

    Fun in the woods

    Outstanding job. The pics are awesome.
  3. jacksimonton

    Dead Head

    I don't go to for a shed hunting, and I'm looking to go for it. Thanks
  4. jacksimonton

    Where to go for long range shooting

    Perfect place for shooting, but what is the name of the area?
  5. jacksimonton

    PSA 6.5

    Hey guys, excellent video with a good website. I think 6.5 Creedmoor is a beautiful part of the gun and it is easy to shot in an exact target. I love it so much. Thanks
  6. jacksimonton

    Wind Meter

    Hey guys, nice to see you. It is really a good wind meter for long range shooting. Thanks for sharing a beautiful video.
  7. jacksimonton

    Wind Meter

    I use a kestrel Bluetooth capable.
  8. jacksimonton

    Where to go for long range shooting

    Casa Grande range one of the best place for long range shooting.
  9. Excellent explanation.
  10. jacksimonton

    show low second knoll range approved

    Nice thread. Everything is now possible for me. Thanks
  11. jacksimonton

    Long range wireless target cam

    Nice cool idea. Thanks for sharing a great setup.
  12. jacksimonton

    how do you display your sheds

    It is a good and interesting topic. People love it so much more.
  13. jacksimonton

    Where to go for long range shooting

    You can go to Reloaderz NJ for long-range shooting.
  14. jacksimonton

    Dead Head

    not yet, just waiting when times comes to me.