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  1. CowboyCaleF

    Sig Kilo 3000 Bdx 10x42 binos

    These gone?
  2. CowboyCaleF

    Custom Owens Armory 6.5 PRC

    I have a virtually brand new custom built 6.5 PRC built by Owens Armory. The gun shoots factory ammo lights out. Less than 75 rounds down the pipe and haven’t had loads worked up on it. $3800 bare gun. paid a couple more hundred for it than that. It shoots. Weighs in right at 10lbs with a 5-25x56 mark5 on it. Bighorn Origin action 24” proof research Carbon barrel McMillan Game Hunter carbon filled stock trigger tech special trigger sol strategic bottom metal 3 port muzzle brake
  3. CowboyCaleF

    Timney Elite hunter

    Got a deal from a buddy for a higher end trigger for about the same price. Also wanted to try a flat trigger as opposed to curve. Honestly more for fun. It works perfectly and will be an upgrade for any stock trigger.
  4. CowboyCaleF

    Timney Elite hunter

    As far as I know any remm 700 footprint. So I’m sure it will
  5. CowboyCaleF

    Timney Elite hunter

    1-4lb. I think it’s set at 2.5-3 right now
  6. CowboyCaleF

    Timney Elite hunter

    Timney Elite hunter drop In trigger for Remington 700, right handed with safety. Was installed, but is brand new. $120
  7. CowboyCaleF

    Swarovski STX with 65mm

    Is this gone?
  8. CowboyCaleF

    Swarovski STS 80 HD

  9. CowboyCaleF

    Swarovski STS 80 HD

  10. CowboyCaleF

    Swarovski STS 80 HD

  11. CowboyCaleF

    Swarovski STS 80 HD

    I think it’s around 5-6 years old. I bought it from a friend 2 years ago and he had it for 3-4.
  12. CowboyCaleF

    WTB Swaro ATS 80

    There’s one on Craigslist right now. HD version
  13. CowboyCaleF

    Sold Swarovski Big Eyes for sale

    Any chance you would split them up? Looking a 65mm or 80mm STS.