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  1. I can't really say anything about eating tree squirrels, haven't tried those. But I guess if my survival would depend on it, then why not. For catching those a simple humane rat catcher from this article would be okay I think.
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    Dental Work

    It seems I'm going to Mexico this year😀
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    Extreme Couponing

    Well said. My wife used to be an "extreme couponer" too. She was constantly annoying me about it, telling me where we should buy groceries and household goods even if that meant going 2 km away from the nearest store (which is right around the corner). But I must admit that her hobby saved us a few thousand on gas. She's she had toned it down too (I guess that's seasonal), now she's mostly using the internet and apps to look for better bargains. Reading reviews like this helps too, at least she doesn't yell on me because I was buying the cheapest soap and shampoo.